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        gān/Gān/gàn, [乹]/[乾]/[亁]/[幹], old variant of 乾|干[gān], surname Gan, dry/clean/in vain/dried food/foster/adopti...
干劲         gànjìn, [幹勁], enthusiasm for doing sth
        jìn/jìng, [勁], strength/energy/enthusiasm/spirit/mood/expression/interest/CL:把[bǎ]/Taiwan pr. [...
        chōng/chòng, [沖]/[衝], (of water) to dash against/to mix with water/to infuse/to rinse/to flush/to deve...
冲天         chōngtiān, [沖天], to soar/to rocket
        tiān, day/sky/heaven

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