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Word: freq index 33206
yōupì secluded
quiet and remote
obscure and faraway

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yōumò, (loanword) humor/humorous
        yōulíng, [幽靈], specter/apparition/ghost
        yōumògǎn, sense of humor
        yōu, remote/hidden away/secluded/serene/peaceful/to imprison/in superstition indicate...
        yōuhuì, [幽會], lovers' rendezvous/tryst
        yōugǔ, deep valley
        yōupì, secluded/quiet and remote/obscure and faraway
        yōuàn, gloom
        yōujìng, [幽靜], quiet/secluded/isolated/peaceful
        yōuhún, ghost/spirit (of the dead)
        yōuyǎ, serene and elegant (of a place)/ethereal (of music)
        yōushēn, serene and hidden in depth or distance
        yōumén, [幽門], pylorus (anatomy)
        yōuyōu, faint/indistinct
        yōuyuàn, hidden bitterness, secret grudge
        yōujìn, to imprison/to place under house arrest
        yōuxiāng, delicate fragrance

        piānpì, remote/desolate/far from the city
        gūpì, antisocial/reclusive/eccentric
        yōupì, secluded/quiet and remote/obscure and faraway
        pìjìng, [僻靜], lonely/secluded
        qióngxiāngpìrǎng, [窮鄉僻壤], a remote and desolate place
        pì, biased/low/rustic/secluded
        guàipì, eccentric/peculiar
        guāipì, peculiar/eccentric
        huāngpì, desolate/deserted/out-of-the-way

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