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Word: freq index 3102
HSK 5 character: radical 广, 10 strokes, freq index 636
tíng main hall
front courtyard
law court

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jiātíng, family/household/CL:戶|户[hù],個|个[gè]
        fǎtíng, court of law
        tíng, main hall/front courtyard/law court
        chūtíng, to appear in court
        kāitíng, [開庭], to begin a (judicial) court session
        tíngshěn, [庭審], court hearing
        xiūtíng, to adjourn (law)
        tíngyuàn, courtyard
广         dàtíngguǎngzhòng, [大庭廣眾], public place with numerous people
        jūnshìfǎtíng, [軍事法庭], court-martial/military tribunal
        dàxiāngjìngtíng, [大相徑庭], as different as can be (idiom)/poles apart
退         tuìtíng, to retire from the courtroom/to adjourn
        tiāntíng, middle of the forehead/imperial court/heaven
        shěnpàntíng, [審判庭], court/tribunal/courtroom
        Bàizhàntíng, Byzantium/Byzantine or Eastern Roman empire (395-1453)
        tíngzhǎng, [庭長], presiding judge
        qiántíng, front courtyard/vestibule
        fēntíngkànglǐ, [分庭抗禮], peer competition/to function as rivals/to make claims as an equal
        tíngyuán, [庭園], flower garden
        zhōngtíng, courtyard
        hòutíng, [後庭], backyard/imperial harem/(slang) anus
        míntíng, civil court
        méntíngruòshì, [門庭若市], front yard as busy as a marketplace (idiom)/a place with many visitors

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