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        Kāng/kāng, surname Kang, healthy/peaceful/abundant
        duō, many/much/often/a lot of/numerous/more/in excess/how (to what extent)/multi-/Tai...
        lì, jasmine
        Sà, [薩], Bodhisattva/surname Sa
        Lài/lài, [賴]/[頼], surname Lai, to depend on/to hang on in a place/bad/to renege (on promise)/to di...
赖斯         Làisī, [賴斯], Rice (name)/Condoleezza Rice (1954-) US Secretary of State 2005-2009
        Sī/sī, Slovakia/Slovak/abbr. for 斯洛伐克[Sī luò fá kè], (phonetic)/this

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