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Word: freq index 56492
jìchén anniversary of a death

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        wēishìjì, whiskey (loanword)
        dùjì, to be jealous of (sb's achievements etc)/to be envious/envy
        jìnjì, taboo/contraindication (medicine)/to abstain from
        gùjì, [顧忌], to have misgivings/apprehension/worry/qualm/scruple
        jìdu, to be jealous of/to envy/jealousy/envy
        jìrì, anniversary of a death/inauspicious day
        sìwújìdàn, [肆無忌憚], absolutely unrestrained/unbridled/without the slightest scruple
        wēishìjìjiǔ, whiskey (loanword)
        jì, to be jealous of/fear/dread/scruple/to avoid or abstain from/to quit/to give up ...
        jìhuì, [忌諱], taboo/to avoid as taboo/to abstain from
        cāijì, to be suspicious and jealous of
        jìdàn, [忌憚], to be afraid of the consequences/restraining fear
        jìhèn, hate (due to envy etc)
        qièjì, to avoid as taboo/to avoid by all means
        jìkǒu, abstain from certain food (as when ill)/avoid certain foods/be on a diet
        jìchén, anniversary of a death
        bǎiwújìnjì, [百無禁忌], all taboos are off (idiom); anything goes/nothing is taboo
        tóngyánwújì, [童言無忌], children's words carry no harm (idiom)

        xīngchén, stars
        shíchen, [時辰], time/one of the 12 two-hour periods of the day
        chén, 5th earthly branch: 7-9 a.m., 3rd solar month (5th April-4th May), year of the D...
        shēngchén, birthday
        liángchénměijǐng, fine time, beautiful scenery (idiom); everything lovely
        dànchén, [誕辰], birthday
        jìchén, anniversary of a death
        Běichén, Polaris/North Star
        rénchén, twenty-ninth year I of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 2012 or 2072

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