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Word: freq index 31437
kuàigōng fast break
quick attack (ball sports)

Character Composition

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Word Compounds

        kuài, rapid/quick/speed/rate/soon/almost/to make haste/clever/sharp (of knives or wits...
        kuàilè, [快樂], happy/merry
        yúkuài, cheerful/cheerily/delightful/pleasant/pleasantly/pleasing/happy/delighted
        gǎnkuài, [趕快], at once/immediately
        jǐnkuài/jìnkuài, [儘快]/[盡快], as quickly as possible/as soon as possible/with all speed/also written 盡快|尽快, se...
        kuàiyào, almost/nearly/almost all
        kuàisù, fast/high-speed/rapid
        jiākuài, to accelerate/to speed up
        kuàigǎn, pleasure/thrill/delight/joy/pleasurable sensation/a high
        tòngkuài, overjoyed/delighted/happily/heartily/enjoying/also pr. [tòng kuai]
        kuàidì, [快遞], express delivery
        kuàihuo, happy/cheerful
        kuàicān, fast food/snack/quick meal
        huānkuài, [歡快], cheerful and lighthearted/lively
        fēikuài, [飛快], very fast/at lightning speed
        liángkuai, [涼快], nice and cold/pleasantly cool
        kuàibù, quick step
        kuàichē, [快車], express (train, bus etc)
        kuàicāndiàn, fast food shop
        kuàijié, quick/fast/nimble/agile/(computer) shortcut
        tèkuài, express (train, delivery etc)
        wàikuài, extra income
        kuàitǐng, speedboat/motor launch
        shuǎngkuai, refreshed/rejuvenated/frank and straightforward
        kuàizhào, snapshot/photo
        qīngkuài, [輕快], light and quick/brisk/spry/lively/effortless/relaxed/agile/blithe
        kuàimén, [快門], shutter
        qínkuài, diligent/hardworking
        kuàichēdào, [快車道], fast lane
        kuàikuàilèlè, [快快樂樂], happy
        kuàibào, [快報], bulletin board
        chàngkuài, [暢快], carefree
        bùkuài, unhappy/in low spirits/(of a knife) not sharp
        kuàigōng, fast break/quick attack (ball sports)
        dàkuàirénxīn, to the satisfaction of everyone
        tòngtongkuàikuài, immediately/without a moment's hesitation/with alacrity/firing from the hip
        tèkuàizhuāndì, [特快專遞], express mail
        kuàijiàn, express delivery/express mail or luggage
        yītǔwéikuài, [一吐為快], to get sth off one's chest
        kāikuàichē, [開快車], an express train sets off/fig. to work in haste/to rush
        zuǐkuài, to have loose lips
        kuàibǎn, allegro
        xiāndǔwéikuài, [先睹為快], joy of first experience (idiom)/the pleasure of reading sth for the first time
        xīnzhíkǒukuài, frank and outspoken (idiom)/straight speaking/to say what one thinks
        kuàixùn, [快訊], newsflash
        tèkuàichē, [特快車], special express
        kuàizuǐ, unable to keep one's thoughts to oneself/blabbermouth/CL:張|张[zhāng]
        kuàiyì, pleased/elated
        kuàijiéjiàn, [快捷鍵], (computer) shortcut key/hotkey
        kuàimàn, speed
        rèdekuài, [熱得快], immersion heater/electric heater for liquid
        kuàixìn, letter by express mail
        kuàiwèi, to feel pleased

        gōngjī, [攻擊], to attack/to accuse/to charge/an attack (terrorist or military)
        jìngōng, [進攻], to attack/to assault/to go on the offensive/attack/assault/offense (sports)
        gōng, to attack/to accuse/to study
        gōngshì, [攻勢], (military) offensive
        wéigōng, [圍攻], to besiege/to beleaguer/to attack from all sides/to jointly speak or write again...
        gōngdǎ, to attack (the enemy)
        gōngkè, to capture/to take/to overcome/to solve
        gōngpò, to make a breakthrough/to break through/to breach (military)
        gōngzhàn, [攻佔], attack and occupy
        zhuāngōng, [專攻], to specialize in/to major in
        fǎngōng, to counterattack/a counter-offensive
        zhǔgōng, main assault/to focus on/to specialize in/to major in
        měnggōng, to attack violently/to storm
        gōngxiàn, to overcome/to take (a fortress)/to fall (to an attack)/to surrender
        gōngdú, [攻讀], to major (in a field)/to study a specialty to obtain a higher degree
        kuàigōng, fast break/quick attack (ball sports)
        yǐdúgōngdú, to cure ills with poison (TCM)/to fight evil with evil/set a thief to catch a th...
        gōngjīlì, [攻擊力], potential for attack/firepower
        gōngjījī, [攻擊機], ground attack aircraft
        gōngfáng, attack and defense/the midfield (in soccer)
        bùgōngzìpò, (of a rumor etc) to collapse (in the light of facts etc)/to be discredited
        qiánggōng, [強攻], dominant/controlling/strong/opposite: weak, yielding 弱受/to take by storm (milita...
        jiāgōng, [夾攻], attack from two sides/pincer movement/converging attack/attack on a flank/fork i...
        duìgōng, [對攻], to attack (one another)
        gōngguān, [攻關], to storm a strategic pass/fig. to tackle a key problem

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