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HSK 6 word: freq index 1641
[恐懼] kǒngjù to be frightened

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        kǒngbù, terrible/frightful/frightening/terror/terrorist
        kǒngpà, fear/to dread/I'm afraid that.../perhaps/maybe
        kǒngjù, [恐懼], to be frightened/fear/dread
        kǒnghè, [恐嚇], to threaten/to menace
        kǒnghuāng, panic/panicky/panic-stricken
        kǒng, afraid/frightened/to fear
        kǒnglóng, [恐龍], dinosaur/CL:頭|头[tóu]/(slang) ugly person
        kǒngjùzhèng, [恐懼症], phobia
        jīngkǒng, [驚恐], to be alarmed/to be frightened
        kǒngbùzhǔyì, [恐怖主義], terrorism
        kǒngbùpiàn, horror movie/CL:部[bù]
        huángkǒng, terrified
        kǒngbùzhèng, phobia
        wéikǒng, for fear that/lest/also written 惟恐
        chénghuángchéngkǒng, [誠惶誠恐], in fear and trepidation (idiom); in reverence before your majesty (court formula...
        zhēngxiānkǒnghòu, [爭先恐後], striving to be first and fearing to be last (idiom); outdoing one another
        jīngkǒngwànzhuàng, [驚恐萬狀], convulsed with fear (idiom)
        yǒushìwúkǒng, [有恃無恐], secure in the knowledge that one has backing
        wéikǒng, for fear that/lest/also written 唯恐

        kǒngjù, [恐懼], to be frightened/fear/dread
        wèijù, [畏懼], to fear/to dread/foreboding
        jùpà, [懼怕], to be afraid
        kǒngjùzhèng, [恐懼症], phobia
        jù, [懼], to fear
        jùgāozhèng, [懼高症], acrophobia
        jīngjù, [驚懼], to be alarmed/to be terrified
        yíjù, [疑懼], misgivings

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