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Word: freq index 40004
[悲慟] bēitòng mournful

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bēishāng, [悲傷], sad/sorrowful
        bēijù, [悲劇], tragedy/CL:齣|出[chū]
        kěbēi, lamentable
        bēicǎn, [悲慘], miserable/tragic
        bēiāi, grieved/sorrowful
        bēitòng, grieved/sorrowful
        cíbēi, mercy
        bēiguān, [悲觀], pessimistic
        bēi, sad/sadness/sorrow/grief
        bēijùxìng, [悲劇性], tragic
        bēifèn, [悲憤], grief and indignation
        bēitiānmǐnrén, [悲天憫人], to bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind
        bēitàn, [悲嘆]/[悲歎], to bewail/to sigh mournfully/to lament, to bewail/to sigh mournfully/to lament
        bēimíng, [悲鳴], utter sad calls/lament
        bēitòng, [悲慟], mournful
        bēichuàng, [悲愴], sorrow/tragic
        bēiqì, to weep with grief
        lèjíshēngbēi, [樂極生悲], extreme joy turns to sorrow (idiom); Don't celebrate too soon, things could stil...
        bēizhuàng, [悲壯], solemn and stirring/moving and tragic
        bēiliáng, [悲涼], sorrowful/dismal
        bēikǔ, forlorn/miserable
        bēigē, sad melody/stirring strains/elegy/dirge/threnody/sing with solemn fervor
        bēichóu, melancholy
        bēiqī, mournful
        bēixǐjù, [悲喜劇], tragicomedy
        bēihuānlíhé, [悲歡離合], joys and sorrows/partings and reunions/the vicissitudes of life

        bēitòng, [悲慟], mournful
        tòng, [慟], grief

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