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[慵懶] yōnglǎn languid

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yōnglǎn, [慵懶], languid/indolent

        lǎn, [嬾]/[懶], variant of 懶|懒[lǎn], lazy
        lǎndé, [懶得], not to feel like (doing sth)/disinclined to
        lǎnduò, [懶惰], idle/lazy
        tōulǎn, [偷懶], to goof off/to be lazy
        lǎnsǎn, [懶散], inactive/careless/lazy/indolent/negligent
        lǎnguǐ, [懶鬼], lazybones/idle bum
        lǎnchóng, [懶蟲], (coll.) lazybones
        yōnglǎn, [慵懶], languid/indolent
        lǎnhàn, [懶漢], idle fellow/lazybones
        lǎnyāngyāng, [懶洋洋], lazily
        lǎngǔtou, [懶骨頭], lazybones/beanbag
        lǎnyāo, [懶腰], a stretch (of one's body)
        shùlǎn, [樹懶], sloth (zoology)
        shēnlǎnyāo, [伸懶腰], to stretch oneself (on waking or when tired etc)
        duǒlǎn, [躲懶], to shy away from work/to get by without attending duty

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