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cáizhì ability and wisdom

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        cái, [纔], ability/talent/sb of a certain type/a capable individual/only/only then/just now
        gāngcái, [剛才]/[剛纔], just now/a moment ago, (just) a moment ago
        tiāncái, talent/gift/genius/talented/gifted
        cáihuá, [才華], talent/CL:份[fèn]
        réncái, talent/talented person/looks/attractive looks
        cáinéng, talent/ability/capacity
        cáihuáhéngyì, [才華橫溢], brimming over with talent (esp. literary)/brilliant
        cáigàn, [才幹], ability/competence
        duōcáiduōyì, [多才多藝], multi-talented
        cáizhì, ability and wisdom
        kǒucái, eloquence
        cōngmingcáizhì, [聰明才智], intelligence and wisdom
        qícái, genius
        núcai, slave/fig. flunkey
        cáiqì, [才氣], talent (usually literary or artistic)
        Jiānglángcáijìn, [江郎才盡], Jiang Yan has exhausted his talent (idiom)/fig. to have used up one's creative p...
        quáncái, all-rounder/versatile
        cáizǐ, gifted scholar
        cáinǚ, talented girl
        yōngcái, mediocrity
        zìxuéchéngcái, [自學成才], a self-made genius
        chéngcái, to make sth of oneself/to become a person who is worthy of respect
        guǐcáixìn, who would believe it!/what rubbish!
        fāngcái, just now/then
        gāocáishēng, student of great ability/talented student
        cáixué, [才學], talent and learning/scholarship
        réncáijǐjǐ, [人才濟濟], a galaxy of talent (idiom)/a great number of competent people
        cáiyìxiù, [才藝秀], talent show
        qūcái, to waste talent
        biàncái, [辯才], eloquence
        cáisī, imaginative power/creativeness
        xiùcai, a person who has passed the county level imperial exam (historical)/scholar/skil...
        zhēncáishíxué, [真才實學], solid learning/real ability and learning/genuine talent
        xiáncái, [賢才], a genius/a talented person
        bùcái, untalented/I/me (humble)
        cáishí, [才識], ability and insight
        cáifèn, ability/talent/gift
        gàncái, [幹才], ability/capable

        lǐzhì, reason/intellect/rationality/rational
        zhìhuì, wisdom/knowledge/intelligent/intelligence
        míngzhì, sensible/wise/judicious/sagacious
        zhì, wisdom/knowledge
        ruòzhì, weak-minded/mentally deficient/retarded
        zhìshāng, IQ (intelligence quotient)
        zhìlì, intelligence/intellect
        zhìnéng, intelligent/able/smart (phone, system, bomb etc)
        xīnzhì, wisdom
        shénzhì, mind/wisdom/consciousness
        Zhìlì, Chile
        jīzhì, [機智], quick-witted/resourceful
        réngōngzhìnéng, artificial intelligence (AI)
        ruìzhì, wise and farsighted
        zhìzhě, sage/wise man/clever and knowledgeable person
        cáizhì, ability and wisdom
        zhìnángtuán, [智囊團], think tank/brain trust
        cōngmingcáizhì, [聰明才智], intelligence and wisdom
        míngzhìzhījǔ, [明智之舉], sensible act
        zúzhìduōmóu, [足智多謀], resourceful/full of stratagems
齿         zhìchǐ, [智齒], wisdom tooth
        zhìqǔ, to take by ruse/to outwit/to outsmart
        yìzhì, to grow the intellect/Alpinia oxyphylla, a type of ginger (Chinese medicine)
        dòuzhì, [鬥智], battle of wits
        jiànrénjiànzhì, [見仁見智], opinions differ (idiom)
        zhìmóu, [智謀], resourceful/intelligent
        jízhì, quick witted/able to think fast in an emergency
        jízhōngshēngzhì, quick witted in an emergency/able to react resourcefully
        zhìrén, Homo sapiens
        zhìduōxīng, resourceful person/mastermind
        PiáoZhìxīng, Park Ji-sung (1981-), South Korean former footballer, played for Manchester Unit...
        Měizhìzǐ, Michiko, Japanese female given name/Empress Michiko of Japan (1934-)

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