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Word: freq index 18186
[扣籃] kòulán slam dunk

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        kòu, [釦], to fasten/to button/button/buckle/knot/to arrest/to confiscate/to deduct (money)...
        niǔkòu, [紐扣], button
        kòuyā, to detain/to hold in custody/to distrain/to seize property
        kòuzi, [釦子], button
        kòuliú, to detain/to arrest/to hold/to confiscate
        zhékòu, discount
        bùzhébùkòu, a hundred percent/to the letter/out-and-out
        kòuchú, to deduct
        kòulán, [扣籃], slam dunk
        huíkòu, brokerage/a commission paid to a middleman/euphemism for a bribe/a kickback
        niǔkòu, [鈕釦], variant of 紐扣|纽扣[niǔ kòu]
        dǎzhékòu, to give a discount/to be of less value than anticipated
        kòurénxīnxián, to excite/to thrill/exciting/thrilling/cliff-hanging
        kòushā, [扣殺], to smash a ball/to spike
        kèkòu, [剋扣], to dock/to deduct/to embezzle
        huánhuánxiāngkòu, [環環相扣], closely linked with one another/interlocked/to interrelate
        kòuqiú, to smash a ball/to spike
        yīkòu, button
        kòumàozi, to tag sb with unfair label/power word
        chákòu, to seize/to confiscate
        kòuyā, [扣壓], to withhold/to hold sth back (and prevent it being known)
        dǐkòu, to deduct from/to compensate

        lánqiú, [籃球], basketball/CL:個|个[gè],隻|只[zhī]
        lán, [籃], basket (receptacle)/basket (in basketball)
        lánzi, [籃子], basket/CL:隻|只[zhī]
        tóulán, [投籃], to shoot for the basket (basketball)
        yáolán, [搖籃], cradle
        kòulán, [扣籃], slam dunk
        lánqiúchǎng, [籃球場], basketball court
        yáolánqǔ, [搖籃曲], lullaby
        lánkuāng, [籃筐], basket
        lánbǎn, [籃板], backboard
        lánbǎnqiú, [籃板球], rebound (basketball)
        zhúlán, [竹籃], wicker basket
        nánlán, [男籃], men's basketball/men's basketball team

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