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yìhuò or
could it be that...?

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yāyì, [壓抑], to constrain or repress emotions/oppressive/stifling/depressing/repression
        yìyù, [抑鬱], depressed/despondent/gloomy/depression
        yìzhì, to inhibit/to keep down/to suppress
        yìyùzhèng, [抑鬱症], clinical depression
        yìhuò, or/could it be that...?
        yì, to restrain/to restrict/to keep down/or
        yìzhǐ, to supress/to restrain
        yìyángdùncuò, [抑揚頓挫], see 頓挫抑揚|顿挫抑扬[dùn cuò yì yáng]
        yìyáng, [抑揚], modulation (rising and falling pitch)/intonation/a cadence/to rise and fall (of ...
        biǎnyì, [貶抑], to belittle/to disparage/to demean

        huòzhě, or/possibly/maybe/perhaps
        huòxǔ, [或許], perhaps/maybe
        huò, maybe/perhaps/might/possibly/or
        huòshì, or/either one or the other
        yìhuò, or/could it be that...?
        huòduōhuòshǎo, more or less
        bùkěhuòquē, necessary/must have
        shènhuò, so much so that/to the extent that/even
        jiànhuò, [間或], occasionally/now and then
        huòránlǜ, probability (math.)
        jíhuò, even if/even though
        tǎnghuò, if/supposing that

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