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Word: freq index 68138
zhuāxiā to be caught unprepared

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhuā, to grab/to catch/to arrest/to snatch/to scratch
        zhuāzhù, to grab/to capture
        zhuājǐn, [抓緊], to grasp firmly/to pay special attention to/to rush in/to make the most of
        zhuābǔ, to seize/to capture
        zhuāzǒu, to arrest
        zhuāhuò, [抓獲], to arrest
        zhuāpāi, to capture (an image)/to snap (a photo)
        yībǎzhuā, to attempt all tasks at once/to manage every detail regardless of its importance
        zhuājiū, [抓鬮], to draw straws
        zhuāshǒu, starting point/mechanical hand/gripper
        zhuāqǔ, to seize
        zhuāyào, [抓藥], to make up a prescription (of herbal medicine)
        zhuāxiā, to be caught unprepared

        xiā, blind/groundlessly/foolishly/to no purpose
        xiāshuō, [瞎說], to talk drivel/to assert sth without a proper understanding or basis in fact/not...
        xiāzi, blind person
        xiāchě, to talk irresponsibly/to talk nonsense
        xiācāi, to make a wild guess/blind guess
        xiāyǎn, to be blind
        xiānào, [瞎鬧], to make a scene/to fool around/to behave foolishly
        zhuāxiā, to be caught unprepared

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