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[拋錨] pāomáo to drop anchor
to break down (of a car etc)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        pāoqì, [拋棄], to abandon/to discard/to renounce/to dump (sb)
        pāo, [拋], to throw/to toss/to fling/to cast/to abandon
        pāokāi, [拋開], to throw out/to get rid of
        pāomáo, [拋錨], to drop anchor/to break down (of a car etc)
        pāoshòu, [拋售], to dump (selling abroad more cheaply than cost price at home)
        pāoguāng, [拋光], to polish/to burnish
        pāotóulòumiàn, [拋頭露面], to show your face in public (derog.)
线         pāowùxiàn, [拋物線], parabola
        pāosǎ, [拋灑], to drip/to flow out/to sprinkle
        pāozhuānyǐnyù, [拋磚引玉], lit. throw out a brick and get jade thrown back (idiom)/fig. to attract others' ...
        pāowùmiàn, [拋物面], paraboloid (geometry)
        pāozhì, [拋擲], to throw/to cast

        pāomáo, [拋錨], to drop anchor/to break down (of a car etc)
        máo, [錨], anchor
        qǐmáo, [起錨], to weigh anchor

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