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chípíng to stay level (of exchange rate, market share etc)

Character Composition

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Word Compounds

        bǎochí, to keep/to maintain/to hold/to preserve
        zhīchí, to be in favor of/to support/to back/support/backing/to stand by/CL:個|个[gè]
        jiānchí, [堅持], to persevere with/to persist in/to insist on
        chíxù, [持續], to continue/to persist/sustainable/preservation
        wéichí, [維持], to keep/to maintain/to preserve
        zhǔchí, to take charge of/to manage or direct/to preside over/to uphold/to stand for (ju...
        zhǔchírén, TV or radio presenter/host/anchor
        chí, to hold/to grasp/to support/to maintain/to persevere/to manage/to run (i.e. admi...
        chíyǒu, to hold (passport, views etc)
        jiéchí, to kidnap/to hijack/to abduct/to hold under duress
        zhīchízhě, supporter
        chíjiǔ, lasting/enduring/persistent/permanent/protracted/endurance/persistence/to last l...
        xiéchí, [挾持], to seize
        fúchí, to help/to assist
        jiānchíbùxiè, [堅持不懈], to persevere unremittingly (idiom); to keep going until the end
        zhīchílǜ, support level/popularity rating
        jīnchí, reserved/aloof
        bǎchí, to control/to dominate/to monopolize
        xiéchí, [脅持], to hold under duress
        jiāngchí, to be deadlocked
        chíjiǔzhàn, [持久戰], prolonged war/war of attrition
        chípíng, to stay level (of exchange rate, market share etc)/fair/unbiased
        zhùchí, to administer a monastery Buddhist or Daoist/abbot/head monk
        cāochi, to manage/to handle
        chízhīyǐhéng, [持之以恆], to pursue unremittingly (idiom); to persevere
        gèchíjǐjiàn, [各持己見], each sticks to his own opinion (idiom); chacun son gout
        kuàngrìchíjiǔ, [曠日持久], protracted (idiom)/long and drawn-out
        chíjiā, to housekeep/housekeeping
        xiāngchíbùxià, at a stalemate/deadlocked/in unrelenting mutual opposition
        qínjiǎnchíjiā, [勤儉持家], hardworking and thrifty in running one's household
        zhēngchí, [爭持], to refuse to concede/not to give in
        chízhòng, prudent/cautious/to be in charge of ritual ceremonies/to hold an important offic...
        xiāngchí, locked in a stalemate/to confront one another

        gōngpíng, fair/impartial
        Hépíng/hépíng, Heping district of Shenyang city 沈陽市|沈阳市, Liaoning/Hoping township in Taichung c...
        Píng/píng, surname Ping, flat/level/equal/to tie (make the same score)/to draw (score)/calm...
        shuǐpíng, level (of achievement etc)/standard/horizontal
        píngjìng, [平靜], tranquil/undisturbed/serene
        píngcháng, ordinary/common/usually/ordinarily
        píngshí, [平時], ordinarily/in normal times/in peacetime
        pínghéng, balance/equilibrium
        píngān, safe and sound/well/without mishap/quiet and safe/at peace
        píngmín, ordinary people/commoner/civilian
        bǎipíng, [擺平], to be fair/to be impartial/to settle (a matter etc)
        píngděng, equal/equality
        TàipíngYáng, Pacific Ocean
        píngjūn, average
        píngfán, commonplace/ordinary/mediocre
        píngtái, [平臺], platform/terrace/flat-roofed building
        píngxī, to settle (a dispute)/to quieten down/to suppress
        píngxíng, parallel/of equal rank/simultaneous
        píngānwúshì, [平安無事], safe and sound (idiom)
        píngfāng, square (as in square foot, square mile, square root)
        píngjú, a draw (in competition)/a tie
        píngyuán, field/plain/CL:個|个[gè]
        píngmiàn, plane (flat surface)/print media
        píngfēn, to divide evenly/to bisect (geometry)/deuce (tennis)/tied score
        tàipíngjiān, [太平間], mortuary/morgue
        píngyōng, mediocre/indifferent/commonplace
        Pínghé/pínghé, Pinghe county in Zhangzhou 漳州[Zhāng zhōu], Fujian, gentle/mild/moderate/placid
        Tàipíng/tàipíng, place name, peace and security
        píngshǒu, (sports) draw/tie
        píngwěn, [平穩], smooth/steady
        píngdàn, flat/dull/ordinary/nothing special
线         dìpíngxiàn, [地平線], horizon
        Píngrǎng, Pyongyang, capital of North Korea
        shēngpíng, life (a person's whole life)/in one's entire life
        yíwéipíngdì, [夷為平地], to level/to raze to the ground
        píngpíng, average/mediocre
        xīnpíngqìhé, [心平氣和], tranquil and even-tempered (idiom); calmly and without stress
        píngmiàntú, [平面圖], a plan/a planar graph/a plane figure
        píngdì, to level the land/level ground/plain
        tiānpíng, scales (to weigh things)
        píngtóu, [平頭], flattop/crew cut/common (people)
        hépínggòngchǔ, [和平共處], peaceful coexistence of nations, societies etc
        pínghéngmù, beam (gymnastics)/balance beam
        fǔpíng, [撫平], to calm (sb) down
        píngtǎn, level/even/smooth/flat
        píngbǎn, tablet/flat
        píngzhěng, smooth/level/to level off/to flatten (remove bumps)
        píngfù, [平復], to pacify/to calm down/to be cured/to be healed
        píngrì, ordinary day/everyday/ordinarily/usually
        pínghuá, flat and smooth
        píngdànwúqí, [平淡無奇], ordinary and mediocre (idiom); nothing to write home about
        fēngpínglàngjìng, [風平浪靜], lit. breeze is still, waves are quiet (idiom); tranquil environment/all is quiet...
        píngyìjìnrén, amiable and approachable (idiom); easy-going/modest and unassuming/(of writing) ...
        Píngfáng/píngfáng, Pingfang district of Harbin 哈爾濱|哈尔滨[Hā ěr bīn] in Heilongjiang, bungalow/single-...
        píngfānggēn, square root
        píngbái, for no reason/gratuitously
        píngshēng, all one's life
        píngbùqīngyún, [平步青雲], to rapidly go up in the world/meteoric rise (of a career, social position etc)
        biǎnpíng, flat/planar
        gōngpíngjiāoyì, fair dealing
        lāpíng, to bring to the same level/to even up/to flare out/to flatten out
        hǎipíngmiàn, sea level
        Píngdìng/píngdìng, Pingding county in Yangquan 陽泉|阳泉[Yáng quán], Shanxi, to pacify
        píngdǐguō, [平底鍋], frying pan
        pūpíng, [鋪平], to spread out (material)/to pave (the way, a road etc)
        bùpíng, uneven/injustice/unfairness/wrong/grievance/indignant/dissatisfied
        píngqǐpíngzuò, to be on an equal footing
        nánnǚpíngděng, equality of the sexes
        chípíng, to stay level (of exchange rate, market share etc)/fair/unbiased
        píngfāngmǐ, square meter
        píngfǎn, political rehabilitation
        dǎbàobùpíng, to come to the aid of sb suffering an injustice/to fight for justice/also writte...
        fènfènbùpíng, [憤憤不平], to feel indignant/to feel aggrieved
        tiānxiàtàipíng, the whole world at peace (idiom); peace and prosperity
        píngtān, [平攤], to spread out/(fig.) to share equally
        píngjūnzhí, average value
        sùmèipíngshēng, to have never met sb before (idiom); entirely unacquainted/a complete stranger/n...
        yángpíng, [陽平], evenly rising tone, the second tone of putonghua
        píngdǐ, flat bottomed/low heeled
        pínghuǎn, [平緩], level/almost flat/not strongly sloping/fig. moderate/mild-mannered/gentle
        pínghuájī, smooth muscle (anatomy)/non-striated muscle
        Píngshān, Pingshan county in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄[Shí jiā zhuāng], Hebei/Pingshan district...
        píngyí, translation (geometry)
        Píngchéng, Heisei, reign name of Japanese Emperor Akihito, from 1989
        hépíngtánpàn, [和平談判], peace negotiations
        Lèpíng, [樂平], Leping county level city in Jingdezhen 景德鎮|景德镇, Jiangxi
        gēwǔshēngpíng, lit. to celebrate peace with songs and dance (idiom)/fig. to make a show of happ...
        píngjūnshù, [平均數], mean (statistics)
线         píngxíngxiàn, [平行線], parallel lines
        píngjià, [平價], cheap/cut-price/par value
        píngfānggōnglǐ, square kilometer
忿忿         fènfènbùpíng, variant of 憤憤不平|愤愤不平[fèn fèn bù píng]
        píngpàn, to put down a revolt/to pacify a rebellion
        píngshí, [平實], simple and unadorned/plain/(of land) level/even
        píngfēnqiūsè, to both share the limelight/to both have an equal share of
        bānpíng, to equalize/to level the score/to pull back the advantage
        shuǐpíngmiàn, plane
        yīmǎpíngchuān, [一馬平川], flat land one could gallop straight across (idiom); wide expanse of flat country
        shuǐpíngyí, [水平儀], level (device to determine horizontal)/spirit level/surveyor's level
        píngmǐ, square meter/short for 平方米
        Dōngpíng, [東平], Dongping county in Tai'an 泰安[Tài ān], Shandong
        Pínggǔ, Pinggu rural district of Beijing, formerly Pinggu county
        bàobùpíng, to be outraged by an injustice
西         Xīpíng, Xiping county in Zhumadian 駐馬店|驻马店[Zhù mǎ diàn], Henan
        sìpíngbāwěn, [四平八穩], everything steady and stable (idiom); overcautious and unimaginary
        Hépíngxiāng, [和平鄉], Hoping township in Taichung county 臺中縣|台中县[Tái zhōng xiàn], Taiwan
        Píngdǐngshān, [平頂山], Pingdingshan prefecture level city in Henan
        āotūbùpíng, to be bumpy/uneven
        píngsù, usually/habitually/ordinarily/normally
        míngbùpíng, [鳴不平], to cry out against injustice/to protest unfairness
        Píngshùn/píngshùn, [平順], Pingshun, county in Shanxi, smooth/smooth-going/plain sailing
        píngděnghùlì, mutual benefit/to share profits equitably
        Kāipíng, [開平], Kaiping county level city in Jiangmen 江門|江门, Guangdong/Kaiping district of Tangs...
        DèngXiǎopíng, [鄧小平], Deng Xiaoping (1904-1997), Chinese communist leader, de facto leader of PRC 1978...
        píngzè, level and oblique tones (technical term for classical Chinese rhythmic poetry)
        Ēnpíng, Enping county level city in Jiangmen 江門|江门, Guangdong
        píngzhuāng, [平裝], paperback/paper-cover
        Kāngpíng/kāngpíng, Kangping county in Shenyang 沈陽|沈阳, Liaoning, peace and prosperity
        píngjiǎmíng, hiragana (Japanese script)
        Píngjiāng, Pingjiang district of Suzhou city 蘇州市|苏州市[Sū zhōu shì], Jiangsu/Pingjiang county...
        Yánpíng, Yanping district of Nanping city 南平市[Nán píng shì] Fujian/Yanping township in Ta...
        píngshēng, [平聲], level or even tone/first and second tones in modern Mandarin
        Píngchuān, Pingchuan district of Baiyin city 白銀市|白银市[Bái yín shì], Gansu
        píngbǎn, lithographic plate
        Pínghú, Pinghu county level city in Jiaxing 嘉興|嘉兴[Jiā xīng], Zhejiang
        Yuánpíng, Yuanping county level city in Xinzhou 忻州[Xīn zhōu], Shanxi
        Sìpíng, Siping prefecture level city in Jilin province 吉林省 in northeast China
        Gāopíng, Gaoping, city in 山西[Shān xī]/Cao Bang, Vietnam
        kǎnkěbùpíng, pot-holed and bumpy road (idiom); fig. full of disappointment and dashed hopes
        hépínggē, [和平鴿], dove of peace
        tàipíngmén, [太平門], emergency exit
        píngzhuāngběn, [平裝本], paperback (book)

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