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[擠奶] jǐnǎi to milk

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jǐ, [擠], to crowd in/to cram in/to force others aside/to press/to squeeze/to find (time i...
        yōngjǐ, [擁擠], crowded/to throng/congestion
        jǐchū, [擠出], to squeeze out/to extrude/to drain/to find the time/to burst out
        páijǐ, [排擠], to crowd out/to push aside/to supplant
        jǐyā, [擠壓], to squeeze/to press/to extrude
        jǐmǎn, [擠滿], crowded to bursting point/filled to overflowing/jam-packed
        yōngjǐbùkān, [擁擠不堪], overcrowded/jam-packed
        jǐduì, [擠兌], a run on a bank
        jǐméinòngyǎn, [擠眉弄眼], to make eyes/to wink
        jǐzhàn, [擠占], to seize/to push aside and occupy

        nǎinai, (informal) grandma (paternal grandmother)/(respectful) mistress of the house/CL:...
        niúnǎi, cow's milk/CL:瓶[píng],杯[bēi]
        nǎilào, cheese/CL:塊|块[kuài],盒[hé],片[piàn]
        nǎi, [妳]/[嬭], breast/milk/to breastfeed, variant of 嬭|奶[nǎi], mother/variant of 奶[nǎi]
        nǎiyóu, cream/butter
        suānnǎi, yogurt
        nǎiniú, milk cow/dairy cow
        nǎizi, (coll.) milk/(coll.) breast/booby/tit
        lǎonǎinai, (coll.) father's father's mother/paternal great-grandmother/respectful form of a...
        nǎitóu, [奶頭], nipple/teat (on baby's bottle)
        wèinǎi, to breast-feed
        dòunǎi, soy milk
        nǎimā, [奶媽], wet nurse
        nǎizuǐ, nipple (on a baby's bottle)/pacifier
        nǎifěn, powdered milk
        yángnǎi, sheep's milk
        nǎipíng, baby's feeding bottle
        xiānnǎi, [鮮奶], fresh milk
        nǎishuǐ, mother's milk
        nǎiniáng, (dialect) wet nurse
        nǎizhìpǐn, [奶製品], dairy product
        nǎichá, milk tea
        duànnǎi, [斷奶], to wean
        nǎizhào, bra/brassière
        gūnǎinai, (coll.) father's father's sister/great aunt
        nǎipǐn, dairy product
        shàonǎinai, young lady of the house/wife of the young master
        xīnǎiqì, breast pump

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