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[捉姦] zhuōjiān to catch a couple in the act (adultery, illicit sexual relations)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhuō, to clutch/to grab/to capture
        bǔzhuō, to catch/to seize/to capture
        zhuōnòng, to tease
        zhuōzhù, to catch/to grapple with/to hold onto
        zhuōmō, to fathom/to make sense of/to grasp
        zhuōná, to arrest/to catch a criminal
        zhuōjiān, [捉姦], to catch a couple in the act (adultery, illicit sexual relations)
        bǔfēngzhuōyǐng, [捕風捉影], lit. chasing the wind and clutching at shadows (idiom); fig. groundless accusati...
        zhuōnáguīàn, [捉拿歸案], to bring to justice
        zhuōjīnjiànzhǒu, [捉襟見肘], lit. pulling on the lapels exposes the elbows (idiom)/strapped for cash/unable t...

        qiángjiān, [強姦], to rape
        qiángjiānfàn, [強姦犯], rapist
        tōngjiān, [通姦], adultery/to commit adultery
        nèijiān, [內奸], undiscovered traitor/enemy within one's own ranks
        jiān, [姦], wicked/crafty/traitor/variant of 姦|奸[jiān], to fornicate/to defile/adultery/rape
        jījiān, [雞奸], sodomy/anal intercourse/buggery
        jiānqíng, [姦情], adultery
        jiānshā, [姦殺], to rape and murder
        zhuōjiān, [捉姦], to catch a couple in the act (adultery, illicit sexual relations)
        jiānxi, [奸細], a spy/a crafty person
        qiángjiānzuì, [強姦罪], rape
        jiānzhà, [奸詐], treachery/devious/a rogue
        lúnjiān, [輪姦], to gang rape
        jiānfū, male adulterer
        jiānxiào, evil smile/sinister smile
        lángbèiwéijiān, [狼狽為奸], villains collude together (idiom); to work hand in glove with sb (to nefarious e...
        jiānshāng, unscrupulous businessman/profiteer/shark/dishonest business
        jiānyín, [姦淫], fornication/adultery/rape/seduction
        yòujiān, [誘姦], to seduce (into sex)
        jiānrén, crafty scoundrel/villain
        jiānjì, [奸計], evil plan/evil schemes
        gūxīyǎngjiān, [姑息養奸], to tolerate is to nurture an evildoer (idiom); spare the rod and spoil the child
        jiānwū, [姦污], to rape/to violate
        zuòjiānfànkē, [作姦犯科], to flout the law
        jiānxiǎn, [奸險], malicious/treacherous/wicked and crafty
        jiānchén, a treacherous court official/a minister who conspires against the state
        jiānzéi, [奸賊], a traitor/a treacherous bandit
        chújiān, [鋤奸], to weed out the traitors
        hànjiān, [漢奸], traitor (to China)

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