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chākǒng jack

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chā, [揷], to insert/stick in/pierce/to take part in/to interfere/to interpose, old variant...
        chāshǒu, to get involved in/to meddle/interference
        chārù, to insert/to stick/to thrust
        chāzuǐ, to interrupt (sb talking)/to butt in/to cut into a conversation
        chātóu, [插頭], plug
        chāqǔ, music played during a movie, play etc/incidental music/music played in a theatri...
        ānchā, to place in a certain position/to assign to a job/to plant/resettlement (old)
        chāzuò, socket/outlet
        chātú, [插圖], illustration
        chāduì, [插隊], to cut in line/to jump a queue/to live on a rural community (during the Cultural...
        chāhuā, flower arranging/ikebana
        chāxiāo, [插銷], bolt (for locking a window, cabinet etc)/(electrical) plug
        chāhuà, [插畫], illustration
        chāhuà, [插話], to interrupt (sb speaking)/interruption/digression
        liǎnglèichādāo, [兩肋插刀], lit. knifes piercing both sides (idiom)/fig. to attach a great importance to fri...
        chāzú, to squeeze in/to step in/to take part/to step between (two persons in a relation...
穿         chuānchā, to insert/to take turns, alternate/to interweave/to interlace/subplot/interlude/...
        chākēdǎhùn, [插科打諢], to include impromptu comic material in opera performance (idiom); to jest/buffoo...
        chāyāng, to transplant rice seedlings
        chāchìnánfēi, [插翅難飛], lit. even given wings, you couldn't fly (idiom); fig. impossible to escape
        chākǒu, socket (for an electric plug)/to interrupt (sb speaking)/to butt in
        chākǒng, jack/socket
        jiànfèngchāzhēn, [見縫插針], lit. to see a gap and stick in a needle (idiom); fig. to make use of every secon...

        miànkǒng, face
        Kǒng/kǒng, surname Kong, hole/CL:個|个[gè]/classifier for cave dwellings
        tóngkǒng, pupil (of eye)
        bíkǒng, nostril/CL:隻|只[zhī]
        dànkǒng, [彈孔], bullet hole
        liǎnkǒng, [臉孔], face
        kǒngquè, peacock
        zuānkǒng, [鑽孔], to bore a hole/to drill/drilled hole
        zhēnkǒng, [針孔], pinhole
        máokǒng, pore
穿         chuānkǒng, to punch or bore a hole/to perforate/perforation
        qìkǒng, [氣孔], air-bubble/pore/stoma
        qiānchuāngbǎikǒng, [千瘡百孔], see 百孔千瘡|百孔千疮[bǎi kǒng qiān chuāng]
        Kǒngzǐ, Confucius (551-479 BC), Chinese thinker and social philosopher, also known as 孔夫...
        tōngqìkǒng, [通氣孔], an airvent/a louvre/airflow orifice
        suǒkǒng, [鎖孔], keyhole
        duōkǒng, porous
        kǒngmíngdēng, [孔明燈], sky lantern (miniature hot-air balloon used during festivals)
        chākǒng, jack/socket
        Kǒngdé, Auguste Comte (1798-1857), French philosopher
        kǒngjìng, [孔徑], diameter of hole
        kǒngxì, pore (geology)
绿         lǜkǒngquè, [綠孔雀], (bird species of China) green peafowl (Pavo muticus)

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