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Word: freq index 10915
sōubǔ to hunt and arrest (fugitives)
to track down and arrest
a manhunt

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        sōuchá, to search
        sōusuǒ, to search (a place)/to search (a database etc)
        sōu, to search
        sōuxún, [搜尋], to search/to look for
        sōují, to gather/to collect
        sōubǔ, to hunt and arrest (fugitives)/to track down and arrest/a manhunt
        sōushēn, to do a body search/to frisk
        sōusuǒyǐnqíng, search engine
        sōuguā, to rake in (money)/to plunder/to milk people dry
        sōuluó, [搜羅], to gather/to collect/to bring together
        sōukuò, see 搜刮[sōu guā]

        dàibǔ, to arrest/to apprehend/an arrest
        bèibǔ, to be arrested/under arrest
        zhuībǔ, to pursue/to be after/to hunt down
        bǔ, to catch/to seize/to capture
        jūbǔ, to arrest
        bǔzhuō, to catch/to seize/to capture
        zhuābǔ, to seize/to capture
        sōubǔ, to hunt and arrest (fugitives)/to track down and arrest/a manhunt
        bǔyú, [捕魚], to catch fish/to fish
        bǔhuò, [捕獲], to catch/to capture/to seize
        bǔliè, [捕獵], hunting
        jùbǔ, to resist arrest
        bǔshā, [捕殺], to hunt and kill (an animal or fish)
        bǔshí, to prey on/to catch and feed on/to hunt for food
        wéibǔ, [圍捕], to fish by casting a net/to capture/to surround and seize
        yòubǔ, [誘捕], to lure into a trap/to trap/to capture
        bǔfēngzhuōyǐng, [捕風捉影], lit. chasing the wind and clutching at shadows (idiom); fig. groundless accusati...
        bǔlāo, [捕撈], to fish for (aquatic animals and plants)/to catch
        bǔshǔqì, mousetrap
        lièbǔ, [獵捕], to hunt/hunting
        jībǔ, [緝捕], to seize/to apprehend/an arrest
        bǔtóu, [捕頭], constable
        xúnbǔ, to patrol/policeman (in China's former foreign concessions)
        pībǔ, to authorize an arrest

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