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HSK 6 word: freq index 1390
[搭檔] dādàng to cooperate

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        dādàng, [搭檔], to cooperate/partner
        dā, to put up/to build (scaffolding)/to hang (clothes on a pole)/to connect/to join/...
        dāpèi, to pair up/to match/to arrange in pairs/to add sth into a group
        dāshàn, [搭訕], to hit on someone/to strike up a conversation/to start talking to end an awkward...
        gōuda, to gang up/to fool around with/to make up to
        dāchéng, to ride as a passenger/to travel by (car, plane etc)
        dāli, variant of 答理[dā li]
        dāhuà, [搭話], to talk/to get into conversation with/to send word
        dājiàn, to build (esp. with simple materials)/to knock together (a temporary shed)/to ri...
        dājiù, to rescue
        dāzài, [搭載], to transport (people, a payload etc)
        báidā, no use/no good
        dāchē, [搭車], to ride (in a vehicle)/to get a lift/to hitch-hike
        dājiè, an interface/to relate with/to affiliate
        dābàn, travel with another/accompany another
        dāhuǒ, to join up with sb/to become partner/to take meals regularly in cafeteria
        dāqiāng, to answer/to respond/to converse
        dāgōu, [搭鉤], a hook/to make contact with sb
        dājiàzi, to put up scaffolding/to build a framework/to launch an enterprise
        gōujiāndābèi, arms around each other's shoulders (idiom)

        dādàng, [搭檔], to cooperate/partner
        dàngàn, [檔案], file/record/archive
        dǎng/dàng, [檔], (Tw) variant of 擋|挡[dǎng], gear, official records/grade (of goods)/file/records/...
        gāodàng, [高檔], superior quality/high grade/top grade
        wéndàng, [文檔], (computer) file
        dàngzi, [檔子], classifier for affairs, events etc
        dàngcì, [檔次], grade/class/quality/level
        guīdàng, [歸檔], to file away/to place on file
        cúndàng, [存檔], to file/to save a file (computer)/saved data (for a video game etc)
        dàngànguǎn, [檔案館], archive library
        dīdàng, [低檔], low-grade/of low worth or rank/poor quality/inferior

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