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Word: freq index 40546
[映襯] yìngchèn to set off by contrast
analogy parallelism (linguistics)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        fǎnyìng, to mirror/to reflect/mirror image/reflection/(fig.) to report/to make known/to r...
        yìng, [暎], to reflect (light)/to shine/to project (an image onto a screen etc), old variant...
        shàngyìng, to show (a movie)/to screen
        fàngyìng, to show (a movie)/to screen
        shǒuyìngshì, premiere of a movie
        shǒuyìng, to premiere (a movie or TV show)/premiere (of a movie)/first-run (movie)/to gree...
        fàngyìngshì, cinema room/viewing room
        bōyìng, to broadcast a film/to televise
        gōngyìng, public screening (of a movie)
        yìngshè, to shine on/(math., linguistics etc) mapping
        shìyìng, [試映], preview (of a movie)/trial screening
        yìngchèn, [映襯], to set off by contrast/antithesis/analogy parallelism (linguistics)
        yìngzhào, to shine upon/to reflect
        yìngrùyǎnlián, [映入眼簾], (idiom) to greet the eye/to come into view
        yìngrù, to appear before (one's eyes)/to come to (one's mind)
        dàoyìng, to reflect (producing an inverted image)
        huīyìng, [輝映], to reflect/to shine
        xiāngyìngchéngqù, to set each other off nicely

        chènshān, [襯衫], shirt/blouse/CL:件[jiàn]
        chènyī, [襯衣], shirt/CL:件[jiàn]
        chèn, [襯], (of garments) against the skin/to line/lining/to contrast with/to assist financi...
        chèntuō, [襯托], to set off
        chèndiàn, [襯墊], pad
        chènkù, [襯褲], underpants
        chènlǐ, [襯裡], lining
        péichèn, [陪襯], to enhance by contrast/to set off/to serve as a background in order to bring out...
        yìngchèn, [映襯], to set off by contrast/antithesis/analogy parallelism (linguistics)
        chènqún, [襯裙], petticoat
        bāngchèn, [幫襯], to help/to assist financially

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