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Word: freq index 28209
[晦澀] huìsè difficult to understand

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        huìqì, [晦氣], bad luck/unlucky/calamitous/wretched
        yǐnhuì, [隱晦], vague/ambiguous/veiled/obscure
        huìsè, [晦澀], difficult to understand/cryptic
        huìàn, dark and gloomy
        huì, last day of a lunar month/dark/night
        tāoguāngyǎnghuì, [韜光養晦], to conceal one's strengths and bide one's time (idiom)/to hide one's light under...

        kǔsè, [苦澀], bitter and astringent/pained/agonized
        sè, [澀]/[澁], astringent/tart/acerbity/unsmooth/rough (surface)/hard to understand/obscure, ol...
        xiūsè, [羞澀], shy/bashful
        huìsè, [晦澀], difficult to understand/cryptic
        gānsè, [乾澀], dry and rough (skin)/hoarse (voice)/dry and heavy (style)
        nángzhōngxiūsè, [囊中羞澀], to be embarrassingly short of money
        shēngsè, [生澀], unripe/tart/not fully proficient/somewhat shaky

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