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Word: freq index 4671
HSK 4 character: radical , 13 strokes, freq index 1622
[㬉] nuǎn old variant of 暖[nuǎn]
to heat
[煖] nuǎn variant of 暖[nuǎn]
[煗] nuǎn variant of 暖[nuǎn], warm

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        wēnnuǎn, [溫暖], warm
        nuǎn, [㬉]/[煖]/[煗], old variant of 暖[nuǎn], warm/to heat/genial, variant of 暖[nuǎn], variant of 暖[nu...
        nuǎnhuo, warm/nice and warm
        nuǎnqì, [暖氣], warm air/heating/heater
        qǔnuǎn, to warm oneself (by a fire etc)
        bǎonuǎn, to stay warm/to protect against the cold
        nuǎnlú, [暖爐], space heater/radiator
        nuǎnliú, warm current
        nuǎnfáng, heating/central heating/greenhouse/hothouse/to pay a house-warming visit
        huínuǎn, (of the weather) to warm up again
        nuǎnqìpiàn, [暖氣片], radiator
        shuǐnuǎngōng, plumber/heating engineer
        lěngnuǎn, lit. daily changes of temperature/fig. well-being/sb's comfort, health, prosperi...
        xūhánwènnuǎn, [噓寒問暖], to ask about sb's health
        nuǎnsè, warm color (arch.)/esp. yellow, orange or red
        nuǎnfēng, [暖風], warm breeze
        nuǎnhōnghōng, nice and warm/cosy/heart-warming
        nuǎnshuǐpíng, thermos flask or bottle
        nuǎnyángyáng, warm/comfortably warm

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