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[暖爐] nuǎnlú space heater

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        wēnnuǎn, [溫暖], warm
        nuǎn, [㬉]/[煖]/[煗], old variant of 暖[nuǎn], warm/to warm, variant of 暖[nuǎn], variant of 暖[nuǎn], wa...
        nuǎnhuo, warm/nice and warm
        nuǎnqì, [暖氣], central heating/heater/warm air
        qǔnuǎn, to warm oneself (by a fire etc)
        bǎonuǎn, to stay warm/to protect against the cold
        nuǎnlú, [暖爐], space heater/radiator
        nuǎnliú, warm current/(fig.) warm feeling
        nuǎnfáng, heating/central heating/greenhouse/hothouse/to pay a house-warming visit
        huínuǎn, (of the weather) to warm up again
        nuǎnqìpiàn, [暖氣片], radiator (for heating)
        nuǎnyì, warmth
        shuǐnuǎngōng, plumber/heating engineer
        lěngnuǎn, lit. daily changes of temperature/fig. well-being/sb's comfort, health, prosperi...
        xūhánwènnuǎn, [噓寒問暖], to enquire solicitously about sb's well-being (idiom)/to pamper
        nuǎnsè, warm color (arch.)/esp. yellow, orange or red
        nuǎnfēng, [暖風], warm breeze
        nuǎnhōnghōng, nice and warm/cozy/heartwarming
        nuǎnshuǐpíng, thermos flask or bottle
        nuǎnfēng, [暖鋒], warm front (meteorology)
        nuǎnyángyáng, warm/comfortably warm

        bìlú, [壁爐], fireplace
        wēibōlú, [微波爐], microwave oven/CL:臺|台[tái]
        lúzi, [爐子], stove/oven/furnace
        lú, [爐]/[鑪], stove/furnace, variant of 爐|炉[lú]
        chūlú, [出爐], to take out of the furnace/fresh out of the oven/fig. newly announced/recently m...
        huǒlú, [火爐], stove
        kǎolú, [烤爐], oven (PRC)
        guōlú, [鍋爐], boiler
        lúhuǒ, [爐火], the fire of a stove
        nuǎnlú, [暖爐], space heater/radiator
        rónglú, [熔爐], smelting furnace/forge
        lúzào, [爐灶], stove
        lìngqǐlúzào, [另起爐灶], lit. to set up a separate kitchen (idiom); to start from scratch/back to square ...
        lúhuǒchúnqīng, [爐火純青], lit. the stove fire has turned bright green (allusion to Daoist alchemy) (idiom)...
        diànlú, [電爐], electric stove/hot plate
        xiānglú, [香爐], a censer (for burning incense)/incense burner/thurible
        lútái, [爐臺], stove top/hob
        huílú, [回爐], to melt down/to remelt (metals)/fig. to acquire new education/to bake again
        gāolú, [高爐], blast furnace
        gǔfēnglú, [鼓風爐], a blast furnace (in modern times)/a draft assisted furnace for smelting metals
        liànjiāolú, [煉焦爐], coking furnace
        kāilú, [開爐], to open a furnace/to start up a furnace
        sīlú, [司爐], stoker (worker operating a coal fire, esp. for a steam engine)
        hōnglú, [烘爐], oven

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