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Word: freq index 47021
ànhán to imply
to suggest
to connote

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        hēiàn, dark/darkly/darkness
        àn, [晻]/[闇], variant of 暗[àn], dark/gloomy/hidden/secret/muddled/obscure/in the dark, to clos...
        ànshì, to hint/to suggest/suggestion/hint
        ànshā, [暗殺], to assassinate
        ànhào, [暗號], secret signal (sign)/countersign/password
        yīnàn, [陰暗], dim/dark/overcast/darkness/shadow/(fig.) dismal/gloomy/somber/murky/shadowy (sid...
        ànzhōng, in the dark/in secret/on the sly/surreptitiously
        ànsuàn, to plot against
        ànyǔ, [暗語], code word
        àndìli, [暗地裡], secretly/inwardly/on the sly
        ànjiāo, submerged reef (rock)
        ànchù, [暗處], secret place
        ànyǐng, shadow/umbra
        huīàn, dull gray/drab/murky
        hūnàn, dusky
        yīnànmiàn, [陰暗面], the dark side (of society etc)
        àndàn, dark/dim (light)/dull (color)/drab/(fig.) gloomy/bleak
        ànyù, metaphor
        àncáng, to hide/to conceal
        ànzì, inwardly/to oneself/secretly
        ànàn, secretly/inwardly
        ànjiàn, attack by a hidden enemy/a stab in the back
        ànshì, darkroom
        liǔànhuāmíng, lit. the willow trees make the shade, the flowers give the light (idiom); at one...
        yōuàn, gloom
        àndùChéncāng, [暗渡陳倉], lit. secretly crossing the Wei River 渭河[Wèi Hé] at Chencang (idiom, refers to a ...
        míngzhēngàndòu, [明爭暗鬥], to fight openly and maneuver covertly (idiom)
        ànxiǎng, think to oneself
        huìàn, dark and gloomy
        ànhán, to imply/to suggest/to connote/implicit
        àncháo, undercurrent
访         ànfǎng, [暗訪], to make secret inquiries/to investigate in secret
        ànliú, undercurrent
        ànxiāng, camera bellows/camera obscura
        ànhài, to kill secretly/to stab in the back
        ànhé, magazine/cassette
        ànxiào, laugh in (up) one's sleeve/snigger/snicker
        ànqì, concealed weapon
        ànbǎo, bunker
        ànchāng, unlicensed (unregistered) prostitute
        ànmèi, obscure/remaining unenlightened

        hán, to keep/to contain/to suck (keep in your mouth without chewing)
        hányì, [含義], meaning (implicit in a phrase)/implied meaning/hidden meaning/hint/connotation
        bāohán, to contain/to embody/to include
        hányǒu, to contain/including
        hánliàng, content/quantity contained
        hánhu, ambiguous/vague/careless/perfunctory
        yùnhán, [蘊含], to contain/to accumulate
        hánxù, to contain/to hold/(of a person or style etc) reserved/restrained/(of words, wri...
        hányì, meaning
        yǐnhán, [隱含], to contain in a concealed form/to keep covered up/implicit
        hánxiūcǎo, mimosa/sensitive plant (that closes its leaves when touched)
        bǎohán, [飽含], to be full of (emotion)/to brim with (love, tears etc)
        hánxīnrúkǔ, to suffer every possible torment (idiom); bitter hardship/to bear one's cross
        hányuān, wronged/to suffer false accusations
        hánlèi, [含淚], tearful/tearfully
        hánhùn, vague/unclear/ambiguous
        bùhánhu, unambiguous/unequivocal/explicit/prudent/cautious/not negligent/unafraid/unhesit...
        hánqíngmòmò, [含情脈脈], full of tender feelings (idiom); tender-hearted
        ànhán, to imply/to suggest/to connote/implicit
        hánhánhúhú, (of speech) obscure/unclear/(of actions) vague/ineffectual
        hánhúqící, [含糊其詞], to equivocate/to talk evasively (idiom)
        hánxiào, to have a smile on one's face
        hányínòngsūn, [含飴弄孫], lit. to play with one's grandchildren while eating candy (idiom)/fig. to enjoy a...
        hánpiàn, lozenge/cough drop
        hánshāliàng, sand content/quantity of sediment (carried by a river)
        hányóu, containing oil/oil-bearing

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