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访 Word: freq index 50627
[暗訪] ànfǎng to make secret inquiries
to investigate in secret

Character Composition


Character Compounds


Word Compounds

        hēiàn, dark/darkly/darkness
        àn, [晻]/[闇], variant of 暗[àn], dark/gloomy/hidden/secret/muddled/obscure/in the dark, to clos...
        ànshì, to hint/to suggest/suggestion/hint
        ànshā, [暗殺], to assassinate
        ànhào, [暗號], secret signal (sign)/countersign/password
        yīnàn, [陰暗], dim/dark/overcast/darkness/shadow/(fig.) dismal/gloomy/somber/murky/shadowy (sid...
        ànzhōng, in the dark/in secret/on the sly/surreptitiously
        ànsuàn, to plot against
        ànyǔ, [暗語], code word
        àndìli, [暗地裡], secretly/inwardly/on the sly
        ànjiāo, submerged reef (rock)
        ànchù, [暗處], secret place
        ànyǐng, shadow/umbra
        huīàn, dull gray/drab/murky
        hūnàn, dusky
        yīnànmiàn, [陰暗面], the dark side (of society etc)
        àndàn, dark/dim (light)/dull (color)/drab/(fig.) gloomy/bleak
        ànyù, metaphor
        àncáng, to hide/to conceal
        ànzì, inwardly/to oneself/secretly
        ànàn, secretly/inwardly
        ànjiàn, attack by a hidden enemy/a stab in the back
        ànshì, darkroom
        liǔànhuāmíng, lit. the willow trees make the shade, the flowers give the light (idiom); at one...
        yōuàn, gloom
        àndùChéncāng, [暗渡陳倉], lit. secretly crossing the Wei River 渭河[Wèi Hé] at Chencang (idiom, refers to a ...
        míngzhēngàndòu, [明爭暗鬥], to fight openly and maneuver covertly (idiom)
        ànxiǎng, think to oneself
        huìàn, dark and gloomy
        ànhán, to imply/to suggest/to connote/implicit
        àncháo, undercurrent
访         ànfǎng, [暗訪], to make secret inquiries/to investigate in secret
        ànliú, undercurrent
        ànxiāng, camera bellows/camera obscura
        ànhài, to kill secretly/to stab in the back
        ànhé, magazine/cassette
        ànxiào, laugh in (up) one's sleeve/snigger/snicker
        ànqì, concealed weapon
        ànbǎo, bunker
        ànchāng, unlicensed (unregistered) prostitute
        ànmèi, obscure/remaining unenlightened
访         cǎifǎng, [採訪], to interview/to gather news/to hunt for and collect/to cover
访         bàifǎng, [拜訪], to pay a visit/to call on
访         fǎngwèn, [訪問], to visit/to call on/to interview/CL:次[cì]
访         fǎng, [訪], to visit/to call on/to seek/to inquire/to investigate
访         láifǎng, [來訪], to pay a visit
访         fǎngtán, [訪談], to visit and discuss/to interview
访         tànfǎng, [探訪], to seek by inquiry or search/to call on/to visit
访         zhuānfǎng, [專訪], to interview (a particular person or on a particular topic)/special interview/sp...
访         zàofǎng, [造訪], to visit/to pay a visit
访         dàofǎng, [到訪], to pay a visit
访         láifǎngzhě, [來訪者], visitor/(psychological counseling) client
访         zǒufǎng, [走訪], to visit/to travel to
访         chūfǎng, [出訪], to go and visit in an official capacity or for investigation
访         suífǎng, [隨訪], to accompany/(of a doctor etc) to do a follow-up (on a patient, client etc)
访         xúnfǎng, [尋訪], to inquire after/to look for (sb)
访         ànfǎng, [暗訪], to make secret inquiries/to investigate in secret
访         cháfǎng, [查訪], to investigate
访         huífǎng, [回訪], (pay a) return visit
访         shòufǎngzhě, [受訪者], participant in a survey/an interviewee/those questioned
访         shàngfǎng, [上訪], to seek an audience with higher-ups (esp. government officials) to petition for ...
访         guóshìfǎngwèn, [國事訪問], state visit
访         hùfǎng, [互訪], exchange visits
访         fǎngchá, [訪查], to investigate
访         wēifúsīfǎng, [微服私訪], to mingle with the people incognito

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