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[極了] jíle extremely

Character Composition

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Word Compounds

        jíle, [極了], extremely/exceedingly
        jí, [極], extremely/pole (geography, physics)/utmost/top
        jījí, [積極], active/energetic/vigorous/positive (outlook)/proactive
        jídù, [極度], extremely
        jíduān, [極端], extreme
        jíqí, [極其], extremely
        zhōngjí, [終極], ultimate/final
        jíxiàn, [極限], limit/extreme boundary
        jídà, [極大], maximum/enormous
        zhìjí, [至極], very/extremely
        xiāojí, [消極], negative/passive/inactive
        běijí, [北極], the North Pole/the Arctic Pole/the north magnetic pole
        jíwéi, [極為], extremely/exceedingly
        jípǐn, [極品], best quality
        nánjí, [南極], south pole
        jílì, [極力], to make a supreme effort/at all costs
        jídiǎn, [極點], extreme point/pole/the origin (in polar coordinates)
        běijíxióng, [北極熊], polar bear
        jízhì, [極致], peak/pinnacle/ultimate
        diànjí, [電極], electrode
        Tàijí, [太極], the Absolute or Supreme Ultimate, the source of all things according to some int...
        Nánjízhōu, [南極洲], Antarctica
        zuìdàèjí, [罪大惡極], lit. crime is great, evil extreme (idiom)
        běijíguāng, [北極光], Northern lights/aurora borealis
        Běijíxīng, [北極星], North Star/Polaris
        liǎngjí, [兩極], the two poles/the north and south poles/both ends of sth/electric or magnetic po...
        Běijíquān, [北極圈], Arctic Circle
        jíguāng, [極光], aurora (astronomy)
        jījíxìng, [積極性], zeal/initiative/enthusiasm/activity
        dēngfēngzàojí, [登峰造極], to reach great heights (in technical skills or scholastic achievements)
        zhèngjí, [正極], positive pole
        jíxíng, [極刑], supreme penalty/execution
        jíxìng, [極性], chemical polarity
        tàijíquán, [太極拳], shadowboxing or Taiji, T'aichi or T'aichichuan/traditional form of physical exer...
        jíquán, [極權], totalitarian
        jíquánzhǔyì, [極權主義], totalitarianism
        cíjí, [磁極], magnetic pole
        yīnjí, [陰極], cathode/negative electrode (i.e. emitting electrons)
        fùjí, [負極], negative pole/cathode
        dānjí, [單極], unipolar/monopole (physics)
        jījífènzǐ, [積極份子], enthusiast/zealot
        wùjíbìfǎn, [物極必反], when things reach an extreme, they can only move in the opposite direction (idio...
        jíhuà, [極化], polarization
        lèjíshēngbēi, [樂極生悲], extreme joy turns to sorrow (idiom); Don't celebrate too soon, things could stil...
        èrjíguǎn, [二極管], diode/vacuum tube
        yángjí, [陽極], anode/positive electrode/positive pole
        shèngjíyīshí, [盛極一時], all the rage for a time/grand fashion for a limited time
        shānjí, [柵極], grid (electronics)
        jíyòuyì, [極右翼], extreme right (politics)

        le/liǎo, [瞭], (modal particle intensifying preceding clause)/(completed action marker), to fin...
        wèile, [為了], in order to/for the purpose of/so as to
        liǎojiě, [瞭解], to understand/to realize/to find out, to understand/to realize/to find out
        jíle, [極了], extremely/exceedingly
        chúle, besides/apart from (... also...)/in addition to/except (for)
        bàle/bàliǎo, [罷了], a modal particle indicating (that's all, only, nothing much), a modal particle i...
        shòubùliǎo, unbearable/unable to endure/can't stand
        liǎobuqǐ, amazing/terrific/extraordinary
        dàbùliǎo, at worst/if worst comes to worst/serious/alarming
        shuōlesuàn, [說了算], to have the final say/to be the one in charge
        déle/déliǎo, all right!/that's enough!, (emphatically, in rhetorical questions) possible
        liǎojié, [了結], to settle/to finish/to conclude/to wind up
        duìle, [對了], Correct!/Oh, that's right, ... (when one suddenly remembers sth one wanted to me...
        bùdéliǎo, desperately serious/disastrous/extremely/exceedingly
        méiwánméiliǎo, [沒完沒了], without end/incessantly/on and on
        míngliǎo, [明瞭], to understand clearly/to be clear about/plain/clear/also written 明瞭|明了[míng liǎo...
        liǎorúzhǐzhǎng, [瞭如指掌], to know sth like the back of one's hand (idiom)/to know (a person, a place etc) ...
        zhíjiéliǎodàng, [直截了當], direct and plain speaking (idiom); blunt/straightforward
        wàngbùliǎo, cannot forget
        wèiliǎo, unfinished/outstanding (business)/unfulfilled
        shǎobuliǎo, cannot do without/to be unavoidable/are bound to be many
        yīmùliǎorán, [一目瞭然], obvious at a glance (idiom), obvious at a glance (idiom)
        sīliǎo, to settle privately/to solve behind closed doors/to settle out of court
        miǎnbùliǎo, unavoidable/can't be avoided
        yīliǎobǎiliǎo, once the main problem is solved, all troubles are solved/death ends all one's tr...
        bùliǎoliǎozhī, to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled/to end up with nothing definite
        liǎoshì, to dispose of a matter/to be done with it
        fūyǎnliǎoshì, to skimp/to work half-heartedly/not to bother
        zhōngliǎo, [終了], to end
        liǎorán, [瞭然], to understand clearly/evident, to understand clearly/evident
        zhīliǎo, cicada
        liǎoquè, [了卻], to resolve/to settle
        mòliǎo, in the end
        liǎojú, end/conclusion/solution
        zěnmedéliǎo, [怎麼得了], how can this be?/what's to be done?/what an awful mess!

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