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[校訂] jiàodìng revision

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xuéxiào, [學校], school/CL:所[suǒ]
        shàngxiào, high ranking officer in Chinese army/colonel
        xiàozhǎng, [校長], (college, university) president/headmaster/CL:個|个[gè],位[wèi],名[míng]
        jiào/xiào, to proofread/to check/to compare, school/military officer/CL:所[suǒ]
        shàoxiào, junior ranking officer in Chinese army/major/lieutenant commander
        xiàoyuán, [校園], campus
        zhōngxiào, middle ranking officer in Chinese army/lieutenant colonel/commander
        gāoxiào, universities and colleges/abbr. for 高等學校|高等学校
        jūnxiào, [軍校], military school/military academy
        xiàoyǒu, schoolmate/alumnus/alumna
        xiàofú, school uniform
        fēnxiào, branch of a school
        jiàozhǔn, [校準], calibrate
        yèxiào, evening school/night school
        mǔxiào, alma mater
        jiàozhèng, to proofread and correct/to edit and rectify/to correct/to calibrate
        xiàowài, off campus
        yuànxiào, college/academy/educational institution
        xiàoguī, [校規], school rules and regulations
        míngxiào, famous school
        xiàoshè, school building
        Xiàonèi/xiàonèi, [校內], Xiaonei (Chinese social network website), on-campus/intramural
        xiàokān, school magazine
        liúxiào, to join the faculty of one's alma mater upon graduation/to remain at school duri...
        xiàohuā, the prettiest girl in the school (see also 校草)/school beauty queen/campus belle/...
        jiàxiào, [駕校], driving school/abbr. for 駕駛學校|驾驶学校
        xiàoqìng, [校慶], anniversary of the founding of a school
        zhuānkēxuéxiào, [專科學校], specialized school/college for professional training/polytechnic
        jiàoyàng, [校樣], proofs (printing)
        zhùxiào, to board at school
        xiàojì, [校際], inter-school/intercollegiate
        xiàoxùn, [校訓], school motto
        dàxiào, senior ranking officer in Chinese army/senior colonel
        yìxiào, [藝校], abbr. for 藝術學校|艺术学校/art school
        jiàoyàn, [校驗], to check/to examine
        jiàodìng, [校訂], revision
        xiàohuī, school badge/college insignia/university crest
        wèixiào, [衛校], medical school/nursing school
        tǐxiào, [體校], sports college/school of physical training
        xiàoguān, military officer/ranked officer in Chinese army, divided into 大校, 上校, 中校, 少校
        gāoděngxuéxiào, [高等學校], colleges and universities
        xiàogē, school song
        shěnjiào, [審校], to proof-read/to review (a text)

        dìng, [訂], to agree/to conclude/to draw up/to subscribe to (a newspaper etc)/to order
        dìnghūn, [訂婚], engagement
        yùdìng, [預訂], to place an order/to book ahead
        dìngdān, [訂單], (purchase) order
        dìnggòu, [訂購], to place an order/to subscribe
        qiāndìng, [簽訂], to agree to and sign (a treaty etc)
        dìngshūjī, [訂書機], stapler/stapling machine/bookbinding machine/CL:臺|台[tái]
        zhìdìng, [制訂], to work out/to formulate
        dìngyuè, [訂閱], subscription/to subscribe to
        zhuāngdìng, [裝訂], bookbinding/to bind (books etc)
        xiūdìng, [修訂], to revise
        dìnghuò, [訂貨], to order goods/to place an order
        dìngjīn, [訂金], an initial payment/earnest money/deposit
        dìngzhì, [訂製], custom-made/made-to-order/to have something custom made/also written 定製|定制
        dìnglì, [訂立], to conclude (treaty, contract, agreement etc)/to set up (a rule etc)
        xùdìng, [續訂], to renew
        dìngshūzhēn, [訂書針], staple
        dìnghù, [訂戶], subscriber (to a newspaper or periodical)
        nǐdìng, [擬訂], to draw up (a plan)
        jiàodìng, [校訂], revision
        dìngzhèng, [訂正], to make a correction
        xiūdìngbǎn, [修訂版], revised edition/revised version
        zēngdìngběn, [增訂本], revised and enlarged edition
        shěndìng, [審訂], to revise/to examine and revise

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