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[檢閱] jiǎnyuè to inspect
to review (troops etc)
military review

Character Composition

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Word Compounds

        jiǎnchá, [檢查], inspection/to examine/to inspect/CL:次[cì]
        jiǎncháguān, [檢察官], public prosecutor/public procurator (judicial officer whose job may involve both...
        jiǎn, [檢], to check/to examine/to inspect/to exercise restraint
        jiǎncè, [檢測], to detect/to test/detection/sensing
        jiǎnyàn, [檢驗], to inspect/to examine/to test
        jiǎncháyuàn, [檢察院], prosecutor's office/procuratorate
        tǐjiǎn, [體檢], abbr. for 體格檢查|体格检查[tǐ gé jiǎn chá]
        ānjiǎn, [安檢], safety check
        jiǎncháyuán, [檢查員], inspector
        jiǎnjǔ, [檢舉], to report (an offense to the authorities)/to inform against sb
        jiǎncházhàn, [檢查站], checkpoint
        jiǎnsuǒ, [檢索], to retrieve (data)/to look up/retrieval/search
        yàojiǎn, [藥檢], drugs test (e.g. on athletes)
        jiǎnchá, [檢察], to inspect/(law) to prosecute/to investigate
        jiǎndiǎn, [檢點], to examine/to check/to keep a lookout/cautious/restrained (in speech or manneris...
        jiǎnyì, [檢疫], quarantine
        jiǎnyuè, [檢閱], to inspect/to review (troops etc)/military review
        jiǎnxiū, [檢修], to overhaul/to examine and fix (a motor)/to service (a vehicle)
        jiǎntǎo, [檢討], to examine or inspect/self-criticism/review
        jiǎncèqì, [檢測器], detector
        zhìjiǎn, [質檢], quarantine/quality inspection
        jiǎncháshào, [檢查哨], inspection post/checkpoint
        jìjiǎn, [紀檢], disciplinary inspection/to inspect another's discipline
        chōujiǎn, [抽檢], sampling/spot check/random test

        yuèdú, [閱讀], to read/reading
        cháyuè, [查閱], to consult/to refer to/to look sth up in a reference source
        dìngyuè, [訂閱], subscription/to subscribe to
        yuèlì, [閱歷], to experience/experience
        jiǎnyuè, [檢閱], to inspect/to review (troops etc)/military review
        fānyuè, [翻閱], to thumb through/to flip through (a book)
        yuèbīng, [閱兵], to review troops/military parade
        shěnyuè, [審閱], to review or peruse
        yuè, [閱], to inspect/to review/to read/to peruse/to go through/to experience
        chuányuè, [傳閱], to read and pass on/to pass on for perusal
        yuèbīngshì, [閱兵式], military parade
        yuèlǎnshì, [閱覽室], reading room/CL:間|间[jiān]
        jièyuè, [借閱], to borrow books to read
        cānyuè, [參閱], to consult/to refer to/to read (instructions)
        diàoyuè, [調閱], to access (a document)/to consult
        yuèlǎn, [閱覽], to read
        yuèdúqì, [閱讀器], reader (software)
        pīyuè, [批閱], to read through to evaluate/to referee
        píngyuè, [評閱], to read and appraise
        yuèjuàn, [閱卷], to grade exam papers

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