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Word: freq index 38017
qiànjiā suboptimal
not good enough

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        qiàn, deficient/to owe/to lack/yawn
        qiànzhài, [欠債], to owe a debt/the sum owed
        qiànkuǎn, to owe a debt/balance due/debts
        kuīqiàn, [虧欠], to fall short of/to have a deficit/deficit/deficiency
        qiànquē, to be deficient in/lapse/deficiency
        tuōqiàn, in arrears/behind in payments/to default on one's debts
        qiànfèi, [欠費], to be in arrears/to be out of credit/amount owing
        hēqiàn, yawn
        hāqian, yawn
        qiànjiā, suboptimal/subpar/not good enough
        qiànzhàng, [欠賬], to owe a debt/debt/obligation
        qiàntuǒ, improper/inappropriate/unsatisfactory/inadequate
        qiàntiáo, [欠條], IOU/certificate of indebtedness
        qiànān, ill (euphemism)

        zuìjiā, optimum/optimal/peak/best (athlete, movie etc)
        Jiā/jiā, surname Jia, beautiful/fine/good
        jiārén, beautiful woman
        jiālì, [佳麗], beauty
        jiāyáo, [佳餚], fine food/delicacies/delicious food
        jiāzuò, masterpiece/fine piece of writing
        jiāniàng, [佳釀], excellent wine
        shàngjiā, excellent/outstanding/great
        jiājié, [佳節], festive day/holiday
        qiànjiā, suboptimal/subpar/not good enough
        jiāqī, wedding day/day of tryst
        jiāǒu, happily married couple
        Kāngjiā, Kongka (brand)
        jiājìng, the most pleasant or enjoyable stage
        Jiājiéshì, [佳潔士], Crest (brand)
        jiāhuà, [佳話], story or deed that captures the imagination and is spread far and wide
        jiājì, [佳績], good result/success

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