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        zhí, to grow/to reproduce
殖民         zhímín, colony/colonial
殖民主义         zhímínzhǔyì, [殖民主義], colonialism
        Mín/mín, surname Min, the people/nationality/citizen
民主         mínzhǔ, democracy
        zhǔ, owner/master/host/individual or party concerned/God/Lord/main/to indicate or sig...
主义         zhǔyì, [主義], -ism/ideology
        Yì/yì, [義], surname Yi/(Tw) abbr. for 義大利|义大利[Yì dà lì], Italy, justice/righteousness/meanin...
        zhě, (after a verb or adjective) one who (is) .../(after a noun) person involved in ....

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