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Word: freq index 16815
wāngwāng gleaming with tears
woof woof (sound of a dog barking)
(literary) (of a body of water) broad and deep

Character Composition

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        Wāng/wāng, surname Wang, expanse of water/ooze/(onom.) bark/classifier for liquids: pool, p...
        wāngwāng, gleaming with tears/woof woof (sound of a dog barking)/(literary) (of a body of ...
        lèiwāngwāng, [淚汪汪], tearful/brimming with tears
        shuǐwāngwāng, watery/waterlogged (soil)/limpid/bright and intelligent (eyes)
        wāngyáng, vast body of water/CL:片[piàn]
        yóuwāngwāng, dripping with oil

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