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[淪肌浹髓] lúnjījiāsuǐ lit. penetrate to the marrow (idiom); deeply affected
moved to the core

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        lúnluò, [淪落], to degenerate/impoverished/to fall (into poverty)/to be reduced (to begging)
        chénlún, [沉淪], to sink into (vice, depravity etc)/to pass into oblivion/downfall/passing
        lúnwéi, [淪為], to sink down to/to be reduced to (sth inferior)
        lúnxiàn, [淪陷], to fall into enemy hands/to be occupied/to degenerate/to submerge
        lún, [淪], to sink (into ruin, oblivion)/to be reduced to
        lúnsàng, [淪喪], to be lost/to be ruined/to perish/to wither away
        lúnwáng, [淪亡], (of a country) to perish/to be annexed/subjugation (to a foreign power)

        jīròu, muscle/flesh
        jī, flesh/muscle
        jīfū, [肌膚], skin/flesh/fig. close physical relationship
        fùjī, abdominal muscle
        kuòyuējī, [括約肌], sphincter
        jījiàn, tendon (anatomy)/sinew/hamstrings
        xīnjī, myocardium
        xiōngjī, pectoral muscles
        xīnjīgěngsè, myocardial infarction/heart attack
        pínghuájī, smooth muscle (anatomy)/non-striated muscle
        héngwénjī, [橫紋肌], striated muscle
        jītǐ, [肌體], the body/organism (usually human)/(fig.) fabric (of society etc)/cohesive struct...
        xīnjīyán, myocarditis
        lèijiànjī, [肋間肌], intercostal muscle (between ribs)
        jīlǐ, texture (of skin, surface etc)
        gǔgéjī, striated muscle

        hànliújiābèi, [汗流浹背], to sweat profusely (idiom)/drenched in sweat

        gǔsuǐ, bone marrow (medulla ossea)
        jīngsuǐ, marrow/pith/quintessence/essence
        jǐsuǐ, spinal cord/medulla spinalis
        suǐ, marrow/essence/quintessence/pith (soft interior of plant stem)
        nǎosuǐ, [腦髓], brain tissue/gray matter/brain/medulla
        jǐsuǐyán, myelitis/inflammation of spinal cord
        yánsuǐ, medulla oblongata (the lower half of the brainstem)
        yásuǐ, tooth pulp

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