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Word: freq index 3637
HSK 6 character: radical , 8 strokes, freq index 2081
zhān to moisten
to be infected by
to receive benefit or advantage through a contact
to touch
[霑] zhān variant of 沾[zhān]
to moisten

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhān, [霑], to moisten/to be infected by/to receive benefit or advantage through a contact/t...
        zhānmǎn, [沾滿], muddy/covered in (mud, dust, sweat, blood etc)/daubed in
        zhānzhānzìxǐ, immeasurably self-satisfied
        zhānbiān, [沾邊], to have a connection with/to be close (to reality)/to be relevant/to have one's ...
        zhānrǎn, to pollute (often fig.)/to be infected by/to gain a small advantage
        zhānguāng, to bask in the light/fig. to benefit from association with sb or sth/reflected g...

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