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HSK 5 word: freq index 5742
HSK 5 character: radical , 8 strokes, freq index 2136
[淺] jiān sound of moving water
qiǎn shallow
light (color)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jiān/qiǎn, [淺], sound of moving water, shallow/light (color)
        fūqiǎn, [膚淺], skin-deep/superficial/shallow
        qiǎnbó, [淺薄], superficial
        gēqiǎn, [擱淺], to be stranded (of ship)/to run aground/fig. to run into difficulties and stop
        shòuyìfěiqiǎn, [受益匪淺], to benefit (from)
        mùguāngduǎnqiǎn, [目光短淺], to be shortsighted
        qiǎnsè, [淺色], light color
        qiǎnshuǐ, [淺水], shallow water
        qiǎntān, [淺灘], shallows/shoal/sandbar
        qiǎnxiǎn, [淺顯], plain/clear/obvious
        shēnqiǎn, [深淺], deep or shallow/depth (of the sea)/limits of decorum
        hàirénbùqiǎn, [害人不淺], to cause a lot of trouble/to inflict much suffering
        qiǎnhǎi, [淺海], shallow sea/sea less than 200 meters deep
        duǎnqiǎn, [短淺], narrow and shallow
        cūqiǎn, [粗淺], shallow/superficial
        qiǎnchángzhézhǐ, [淺嘗輒止]/[淺嚐輒止], to dabble and stop (idiom); to dip into/to attempt half-heartedly/content with a...
        fúqiǎn, [浮淺], skin-deep/superficial/shallow
        qiǎnjiàn, [淺見], shallow opinion/humble opinion

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