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[澆鑄] jiāozhù to cast (molten metal)
to mold

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jiāo, [澆], to pour liquid/to irrigate (using waterwheel)/to water/to cast (molten metal)/to...
        jiāoshuǐ, [澆水], to water (plants etc)
        huǒshàngjiāoyóu, [火上澆油], to pour oil on the fire (idiom); fig. to aggravate a situation/to enrage people ...
        jiāoguàn, [澆灌], to water/to irrigate
        jiāozhù, [澆鑄], to cast (molten metal)/to mold
        gàijiāofàn, [蓋澆飯], rice with meat and vegetables
        jiāozhù, [澆注], to cast (metal)

        zhùzào, [鑄造], to cast (pour metal into a mold)
        zhù, [鑄], to cast or found metals
        zhùchéng, [鑄成], to cast in metal/(fig.) to forge/to fashion
        zhùtiě, [鑄鐵], pig iron/foundry iron
        zhùbì, [鑄幣], coin/to mint (coins)
        zhùjiàn, [鑄件], casting/foundry goods
        jiāozhù, [澆鑄], to cast (molten metal)/to mold

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