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[濃霧] nóngwù thick fog

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        nóng, [濃], concentrated/dense/strong (smell etc)
        nóngdù, [濃度], concentration (percentage of dissolved material in a solution)/consistency/thick...
        nóngsuō, [濃縮], to concentrate (a liquid)/concentration/espresso coffee/abbr. for 意式濃縮咖啡|意式浓缩咖啡
        nóngmì, [濃密], thick/murky
        nóngyān, [濃煙], thick smoke
        nóngtāng, [濃湯], thick soup/puree
        nónghòu, [濃厚], dense/thick (fog, clouds etc)/to have a strong interest in/deep/fully saturated ...
        nóngwù, [濃霧], thick fog
        nóngyù, [濃郁], rich/strong/heavy (fragrance)/dense/full-bodied/intense
        nóngzhuāngyànmǒ, [濃妝艷抹], to apply makeup conspicuously (idiom)/dressed to the nines and wearing makeup
        nóngliè, [濃烈], strong (taste, flavor, smell)
        nóngzhòng, [濃重], dense/thick/strong/rich (colors)/heavy (aroma)/deep (friendship)/profound (effec...
        nóngxiāng, [濃香], strong fragrance/pungent
        nóngsuōyóu, [濃縮鈾], enriched uranium
        nóngmòzhòngcǎi, [濃墨重彩], thick and heavy in colors/to describe sth in colorful language with attention to...
        nóngdàn, [濃淡], shade (of a color, i.e. light or dark)

        wù, [霧], fog/mist/CL:場|场[cháng],陣|阵[zhèn]
        yānwù, [煙霧], smoke/mist/vapor/smog/fumes
        míwù, [迷霧], dense fog/fig. completely misleading
        wùqì, [霧氣], fog/mist/vapor
        pēnwùqì, [噴霧器], nebulizer/spray/atomizer
        nóngwù, [濃霧], thick fog
        dàwù, [大霧], thick fog
        bówù, [薄霧], mist/haze
        yúnwù, [雲霧], clouds and mist
        wùméngméng, [霧蒙蒙], foggy/misty/hazy
        tūnyúntǔwù, [吞雲吐霧], to swallow clouds and blow out fog (idiom)/to blow cigarette or opium smoke
        wùǎi, [霧靄], mist
        qìwùjì, [氣霧劑], aerosol
        wùhuàqì, [霧化器], nebulizer/spray/atomizer
        wùlǐkànhuā, [霧里看花], lit. to look at flowers in the fog (idiom); fig. blurred vision

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