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Word: freq index 78107
jìnrǎn to be contaminated
to be gradually influenced

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chénjìn, to soak/to permeate/to immerse
        jìn, to immerse/to soak/to steep/gradually
        jìnpào, to steep/to soak/to immerse
        jìntòu, to soak/to saturate/to drench/to permeate
湿         jìnshī, [浸濕], to soak/to saturate
        jìnrù, to soak/to dip
        jìnmò, [浸沒], to immerse/to swamp
        jìnrùn, [浸潤], to permeate/to percolate/fig. to saturate (with emotion)
        jìnzì, [浸漬], to soak/to macerate
        jìnrǎn, to be contaminated/to be gradually influenced

        gǎnrǎn, infection/to infect/to influence
        rǎn, to dye/to catch (a disease)/to acquire (bad habits etc)/to contaminate/to add co...
        wūrǎn, pollution/contamination/CL:個|个[gè]
        chuánrǎn, [傳染], to infect/contagious
        chuánrǎnbìng, [傳染病], infectious disease/contagious disease/pestilence
        rǎnsètǐ, [染色體], chromosome
        rǎnshàng, to catch (a disease)/to get (a bad habit)
        gǎnrǎnlì, inspiration/infectious (enthusiasm)
        rǎnzhǐ, to dip a finger (idiom); fig. to get one's finger in the pie/to get a share of t...
        chuánrǎnxìng, [傳染性], infectious/epidemic
        rǎnliào, dye
        rǎnfà, [染髮], to dye one's hair/rinse/tint
        rǎnsè, dye
        wūrǎnwù, pollutant
        gǎnrǎnzhě, infected person
        xuànrǎn, rendering (computing)/to add washes of ink or color to a drawing (Chinese painti...
        yīchénbùrǎn, [一塵不染], untainted by even a speck of dust (idiom); selfless and incorruptible/spotless
        zhānrǎn, to pollute (often fig.)/to be infected by/to gain a small advantage
        rǎnbìng, to catch an illness/to get infected with a disease
        rǎnfàjì, [染髮劑], hair dye/rinse/tint
        ěrrúmùrǎn, to be influenced
        chuánrǎnyuán, [傳染源], source of an infection
        shuǐwūrǎn, water pollution
        wūrǎnqū, [污染區], contaminated area
        yìnrǎn, printing and dyeing
        xūnrǎn, to exert a gradual influence/to nurture/a corrupting influence
        zārǎn, tie-dyeing/tie-dye
        làrǎn, [蠟染], batik (color printing on cloth using wax)
        jìnrǎn, to be contaminated/to be gradually influenced
        rǎndú, contamination
        diǎnrǎn, [點染], to touch up (a piece of writing)/to add details (to a painting)

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