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HSK 6 word: freq index 12197
[瀟灑] xiāosǎ confident and at ease
free and easy

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xiāosǎ, [瀟灑], confident and at ease/free and easy
        xiāo, [瀟], (of water) deep and clear/(of wind and rain) howling and pounding/(of light rain...

        sǎ, [灑], to sprinkle/to spray/to spill/to shed
        xiāosǎ, [瀟灑], confident and at ease/free and easy
        pēnsǎ, [噴灑], to spray/to sprinkle
        huīsǎ, [揮灑], to sprinkle/to shed (tears, blood etc)/fig. free, unconstrained/to write in a fr...
        sǎmǎn, [灑滿], to sprinkle over sth
        pāosǎ, [拋灑], to drip/to flow out/to sprinkle
        sǎshuǐchē, [灑水車], sprinkler truck
        sǎtuō, [灑脫], free and at ease/natural/unconstrained
        sǎshuǐjī, [灑水機], sprinkler
        piāosǎ, [飄灑], suave/graceful/fluent and elegant (calligraphy)
        yángyángsǎsǎ, [洋洋灑灑], voluminous/flowing (of speeches, articles etc) (idiom)

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