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        Pān, surname Pan/Pan, faun in Greek mythology, son of Hermes
        Nà/nà, [納], surname Na, to receive/to accept/to enjoy/to bring into/to pay (tax etc)/nano- (...
纳西         Nàxī, [納西], Nakhi (ethnic group)
西         Xī/xī, the West/abbr. for Spain 西班牙[Xī bān yá]/Spanish, west
西林         Xīlín, Xilin county in Baise 百色[Bǎi sè], Guangxi/Xilin district of Yichun city 伊春市[Yī c...
        Lín/lín, surname Lin/Japanese surname Hayashi, woods/forest/CL:片[piàn]/circle(s) (i.e. sp...

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