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Word: freq index 9922
[灌輸] guànshū to imbue with
to inculcate
to instill into
to teach
to impart
to channel water to another place

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        guàn, to irrigate/to pour/to install (software)/to record (music)
        guànshū, [灌輸], to imbue with/to inculcate/to instill into/to teach/to impart/to channel water t...
        guànzuì, to fuddle/to befuddle/to inebriate/to get someone drunk
        guànmùcóng, [灌木叢], shrub/shrubbery
        guànmù, bush/shrub
        guàncháng/guànchang, [灌腸], enema/to give an enema, sausage with a starchy filling
        guàngài, to irrigate
        guànzhù, to pour into/perfusion (med.)/to concentrate one's attention on/to teach/to incu...
        jiāoguàn, [澆灌], to water/to irrigate
        tíhúguàndǐng, [醍醐灌頂], lit. to anoint your head with the purest cream (idiom); fig. to enlighten people...
        dàoguàn, to flow backwards (of water, because of flood, tide, wind etc)/reverse flow/to b...
        dīguàn, drip irrigation/to irrigate by drip feed
        guànqú, irrigation channel

        shū, [輸], to lose/to transport/to donate/to enter (a password)
        shūrù, [輸入], to import/to input
        yùnshū, [運輸], to transport/to carry/transportation
        chuánshū, [傳輸], to transmit/transmission
        rènshū, [認輸], to concede/to admit defeat
        guànshū, [灌輸], to imbue with/to inculcate/to instill into/to teach/to impart/to channel water t...
        shūyíng, [輸贏], win or loss/outcome
        shūxuè, [輸血], to transfuse blood/to give aid and support
        shūyè, [輸液], intravenous infusion/to get put on an IV
        shūsòng, [輸送], to transport/to convey/to deliver
        shūchū, [輸出], to export/to output
        shūgěi, [輸給], to lose to (sb)/to be outdone by
        shūyóuguǎn, [輸油管], petroleum pipeline
        shūjīngguǎn, [輸精管], vas deferens
        fúshū, [服輸], to concede/to admit defeat/to admit sth is wrong after insisting it is right
        shūluǎnguǎn, [輸卵管], Fallopian tube/oviduct
        mǎnpánjiēshū, [滿盤皆輸], see 一著不慎,滿盤皆輸|一着不慎,满盘皆输[yī zhāo bù shèn , mǎn pán jiē shū]
        yùnshūchuán, [運輸船], transport ship
线         chuánshūxiàn, [傳輸線], transmission line
        yùnshūyè, [運輸業], transportation industry
        shūdiàn, [輸電], electricity transmission/to transmit electricity
        shūsòngdài, [輸送帶], conveyor belt
        yùnshūliàng, [運輸量], volume of freight
尿         shūniàoguǎn, [輸尿管], ureter
        yùnshūjiàn, [運輸艦], transport ship
        chuánshūlǜ, [傳輸率], transmission rate

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