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        rè, [熱], to warm up/to heat up/hot (of weather)/heat/fervent
热闹         rènao, [熱鬧], bustling with noise and excitement/lively
        nào, [閙]/[鬧], variant of 鬧|闹[nào], noisy/cacophonous/to make noise/to disturb/to vent (feeling...
        Fēi/fēi, abbr. for 非洲[Fēi zhōu], Africa, to not be/not/wrong/incorrect/non-/un-/in-/to re...
非凡         fēifán, out of the ordinary/unusually (good, talented etc)
        fán, [凢], ordinary/commonplace/mundane/temporal/of the material world (as opposed to super...

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