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HSK 6 word: freq index 31492
[薰陶] xūntáo to seep in
to influence
to nurture

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xūn, [燻]/[薰], to smoke/to fumigate/to assail the nostrils/to perfume, variant of 熏[xūn], fragr...
        xūnròu, [燻肉], bacon
        xūntáo, [薰陶], to seep in/to influence/to nurture/influence/training
        xūnzhēng, [燻蒸], to fumigate
        lìyùxūnxīn, [利慾薰心], blinded by greed (idiom)
        xūnrǎn, to exert a gradual influence/to nurture/a corrupting influence
        chòuxūnxūn, [臭燻燻], stinking

        Táo/táo, surname Tao, pottery/pleased
        táozuì, to be infatuated with/to be drunk with/to be enchanted with/to revel in
        táocí, pottery and porcelain/ceramics
        Lìtáowǎn, Lithuania
        táoqì, pottery
        táoyì, [陶藝], ceramic art
        zìwǒtáozuì, self-satisfied/self-imbued/narcissistic
        Lìtáowǎnrén, Lithuanian (person)
        xūntáo, [薰陶], to seep in/to influence/to nurture/influence/training
        táotǔ, potter's clay/kaolin
        lètáotáo, [樂陶陶], joyful/cheerful
        táoyě, lit. to fire pots and smelt metal/fig. to educate
        táoyǒng, a pottery figurine buried with the dead

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