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[燕窩] yànwō swallow's nest

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yànwěifú, swallow-tailed coat/tails
        Yān/yàn, [鷰], Yan, a vassal state of Zhou in modern Hebei and Liaoning/north Hebei/the four Ya...
        yànmài, [燕麥], oats
        yànzi, swallow
        yànwō, [燕窩], swallow's nest
        yǔyàn, swift/Apodidae (the swift family)
        jīnsīyàn, [金絲燕], giant swiftlet (collocalia gigas)
        yīnggēyànwǔ, [鶯歌燕舞], the warbler sings and the swallow dances/prosperity abounds (idiom)
        yànquè, Eurasian finch or brambling (Fringilla montifringilla)/fig. small fry

        wō, [窩], nest/pit or hollow on the human body/lair/den/place/to harbor or shelter/to hold...
        wōnang, [窩囊], annoyed/to feel vexed/pointless/asinine/good-for-nothing/stupid and cowardly
        yèwō, [腋窩], armpit
        wōcáng, [窩藏], to harbor/to shelter
        fēngwō, [蜂窩], bee's nest/honeycomb/fig. honeycomb figure
        jiǔwō, [酒窩], dimple/also written 酒渦|酒涡[jiǔ wō]
        wōxīn, [窩心], to feel irritated without being able to express it/to bear a silent grudge/to fe...
        Sàlārèwō, [薩拉熱窩], Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina
        bèiwō, [被窩], traditional sleeping pad (quilt wrapped around the body as a tube)
        yǎnwō, [眼窩], eye socket
        niǎowō, [鳥窩], bird's nest
        gāzhiwō, [胳肢窩], armpit/also pr. [gē zhi wō]/also written 夾肢窩|夹肢窝[gā zhi wō]
        wōlidòu, [窩裡鬥], internal strife (family, group, etc)
        ānlèwō, [安樂窩], comfortable niche
        zéiwō, [賊窩], thieves' lair
        yīwōfēng, [一窩蜂], like a swarm of bees/everyone swarms around pushing and shouting/a hornet's nest
        yànwō, [燕窩], swallow's nest
        dǔwō, [賭窩], gamblers' den/illegal casino
        wōcháo, [窩巢], nest
        xiàowō, [笑窩], dimple
        fēngwōméi, [蜂窩煤], hexagonal household coal briquet

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