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Word: freq index 7524
Character: is radical, radical freq index 97, radical , 4 strokes, freq index 2297
zhǎo foot of a bird or animal
zhuǎ (coll.) foot of an animal or bird
(coll.) foot supporting a cooking pot etc

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhuǎzi, (animal's) claw
        zhǎo/zhuǎ, foot of a bird or animal/paw/claws/talons, (coll.) foot of an animal or bird/(co...
        mózhǎo, evil clutches/claws
        zhǎoyá, pawn/lackey/accomplice (in crime)/collaborator/henchman/claws and teeth
        Zhǎowā, Java (island of Indonesia)/Java (programming language)
        zhāngyáwǔzhǎo, [張牙舞爪], to bare fangs and brandish claws (idiom); to make threatening gestures
        jiǎozhǎo, [腳爪], paw/claw

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