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Word: freq index 16355
HSK 6 character: radical , 8 strokes, freq index 1530
surname Mu
to herd
to breed livestock
to govern (old)
government official (old)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        mùshī, [牧師], chaplain/churchman/clergyman/parson/pastor/priest/rector
        mùchǎng, [牧場], pasture/grazing land/ranch
        mùyángrén, shepherd
        Mù/mù, surname Mu, to herd/to breed livestock/to govern (old)/government official (old)
        mùyángquǎn, sheepdog
        mùyáng, to raise sheep/shepherd
        yóumù, [遊牧], nomadic/to move about in search of pasture/to rove around as a nomad
        mùrén, shepherd/pastor/pastoral
        fàngmù, to graze (livestock)/to herd (livestock)
        mùcǎo, pasture/forage grass/pasturage
        mùmín, herdsman
        mùtóng, shepherd boy
        mùqún, herd of sheep
        mùyè, [牧業], livestock husbandry/animal product industry
        xùmù, to raise animals
        xùmùyè, [畜牧業], animal husbandry/stock raising/livestock raising
        mùgē, shepherd's song/pastoral
        mùquǎn, shepherd dog
        mùxù, raising livestock/animal husbandry
        mùdì, pasture/grazing land

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