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Word: freq index 10470
HSK 5 character: radical , 7 strokes, freq index 1248
[猶] yóu as if
(just) like
just as

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        Yóutàirén, [猶太人], Jew
        Yóutài, [猶太], Jew/Jewish/Judea (in Biblical Palestine)
        yóuyù, [猶豫], to hesitate
        Yóudà, [猶大], Judas/Judah (son of Jacob)
        yóu, [猶], as if/(just) like/just as/still/yet
        Yóutàijiào, [猶太教], Judaism
        háobùyóuyù, [毫不猶豫], without the slightest hesitation
        yóurú, [猶如], similar to/appearing to be
        Yóutāzhōu, [猶他州], Utah
        yóuyùbùjué, [猶豫不決], hesitancy/indecision/to waver
        Yóutā, [猶他], Utah
        jìyìyóuxīn, [記憶猶新], to remain fresh in one's memory (idiom)
        yìyóuwèijìn, [意猶未盡], to wish to continue sth/to have not fully expressed oneself
        yóuyí, [猶疑], to hesitate
        guòyóubùjí, [過猶不及], too far is as bad as not enough (idiom, from the Analects)
        fēngyùnyóucún, [風韻猶存], (of an aging woman) still attractive

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