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[狡詐] jiǎozhà craft

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jiǎohuá, crafty/cunning/sly
        jiǎozhà, [狡詐], craft/cunning/deceitful
        jiǎobiàn, [狡辯], to quibble
        jiǎoxiá, crafty/astute
        jiǎohuá, variant of 狡猾[jiǎo huá]
        jiǎo, crafty/cunning/sly

        zhàpiàn, [詐騙], to defraud/to swindle/to blackmail
        qiāozhà, [敲詐], to extort/extortion/blackmail
        qīzhà, [欺詐], to cheat
        zhà, [詐], to cheat/to swindle/to pretend/to feign/to draw sb out/to try to extract informa...
        jiǎozhà, [狡詐], craft/cunning/deceitful
        jiānzhà, [奸詐], treachery/devious/a rogue
        zhàpiànzuì, [詐騙罪], fraud
        ézhà, [訛詐], to extort under false pretenses/to blackmail/to bluff/to defraud
        zhàsǐ, [詐死], to feign death/to fake death
        zhàqī, [詐欺], fraud/deception
        guǐzhà, [詭詐], sly/treacherous
        zhàqǔ, [詐取], to swindle/to defraud
        ěryúwǒzhà, [爾虞我詐], lit. you hoodwink me and I cheat you (idiom); fig. mutual deception/each tries t...
        zhàhu, [詐唬], to bluff/to bluster/to intimidate
        zhàxiáng, [詐降], feigned surrender

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