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HSK 6 word: freq index 11099
měngliè fierce
violent (criticism etc)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        měng, ferocious/fierce/violent/brave/suddenly/abrupt/(slang) awesome
        měnghǔ, fierce tiger
        měngliè, fierce/violent (criticism etc)
        yǒngměng, bold and powerful/brave and fierce
        xiōngměng, [兇猛], fierce/violent/ferocious
        měngqín, bird of prey
        měngshòu, [猛獸], ferocious beast/fierce animal
        měngjī, [猛擊], to slap/to smack/to punch
        měngmǎ, [猛獁], mammoth
        xùnměng, quick and violent
        měngde, suddenly
        wēiměng, bold and powerful
        měnggōng, to attack violently/to storm
        měngdǎ, to strike/wham!
        měngrán, suddenly/abruptly
        tūfēiměngjìn, [突飛猛進], to advance by leaps and bounds
        měngzēng, sharp increase/rapid growth
        měngpū, [猛撲], to charge/to pounce on/to swoop down on
        měngjiàng, [猛將], fierce general/valiant military leader/fig. brave individual
        hóngshuǐměngshòu, [洪水猛獸], lit. severe floods and fierce beasts (idiom)/fig. great scourges/extremely dange...
        měngchōng, [猛衝], to charge forward
        měngzhǎng, [猛漲], (of water) to soar/(of prices) to skyrocket
        měngdiē, drop sharply (e.g. stock prices)
        gāogēměngjìn, [高歌猛進], to advance singing loudly (idiom); triumphant progress
        zhāměngzi, to swim with head submerged

        qiángliè, [強烈], intense/(violently) strong
        jīliè, (of competition or fighting) intense/fierce/(of pain) acute/(of an expression of...
        rèliè, [熱烈], enthusiastic/ardent/warm
        lièhuǒ, raging inferno/blaze
        liè, ardent/intense/fierce/stern/upright/to give one's life for a noble cause/exploit...
        měngliè, fierce/violent (criticism etc)
        lièjiǔ, strong alcoholic drink
        jùliè, [劇烈], violent/acute/severe/fierce
        lièshì, martyr
        Āndéliè, Andre (person name)
        lièyàn, raging flames
        huǒlièniǎo, [火烈鳥], flamingo
        xìnggāocǎiliè, [興高采烈], happy and excited (idiom)/in high spirits/in great delight
        cǎnliè, [慘烈], bitter/desperate
        yùyǎnyùliè, ever more critical/problems get more and more intense
        hōnghōnglièliè, [轟轟烈烈], strong/vigorous/large-scale
        lièxìng, strong/intense/spirited/virulent
        Lièrì/lièrì, Liege, town in Belgium, scorching sun
        zhuàngliè, [壯烈], brave/heroic
        nóngliè, [濃烈], strong (taste, flavor, smell)
        Hūbìliè, Khubilai Khan (1215-1294), grandson of Genghis Khan 成吉思汗, first Yuan dynasty emp...
        zhēnliè, [貞烈], ready to die to preserve one's chastity
        bàoliè, violent/fierce
        chìliè, [熾烈], burning fiercely/flaming/blazing
        xiānliè, martyr
        Yēlièwàn, [耶烈萬], Yerevan, capital of Armenia/also written 埃里溫|埃里温[Āi lǐ wēn]
        gāngliè, [剛烈], resolute and upright in character/unyielding/staunch
        liènǚ, a woman who dies fighting for her honor or follows her husband in death
        zhōngliè, sacrifice oneself for one's country/martyr

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