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        guā, melon/gourd/squash
瓜达尔         Guādáěr, [瓜達爾], Gwadar, free trade port city in Pakistani province of Baluchistan
        Dá/dá, [達], surname Da, to attain/to reach/to amount to/to communicate/eminent
        ěr, [尒]/[爾], variant of 爾|尔[ěr], thus/so/like that/you/thou
        Méi/méi, [楳]/[槑], surname Mei, plum/plum flower/Japanese apricot (Prunus mume), variant of 梅[méi],...
        dí, to enlighten
        Nà/nà, [納], surname Na, to receive/to accept/to enjoy/to bring into/to pay (tax etc)/nano- (...

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